Influencer Andrew Tate responds to accusations of human trafficking and rape in first TV interview: “I acted on behalf of God” | Abroad

British influencer Andrew Tate has defended his reputation in an interview with ‘BBC’ and denied spreading a culture of misogyny. This is his first television interview since his release from Romanian prison in April, after which he was placed under house arrest.

‘BBC’ presented him with the series of charges – including rape, human trafficking and exploitation of women – for which he was being investigated by Romanian prosecutors. Tate rejected it. He also rejected the testimonies of women involved in the investigation.

The arrest of Andrew Tate in Romania on December 29 last year. ©Twitter

The influencer said his controversial views on women are not harmful to his young followers and claimed he is a “positive force” for them. “I acted on behalf of God to do good things.”

“Absolute rubbish”

Andrew Tate has repeatedly expressed his distrust of traditional media. He described the woman who testified anonymously to ‘BBC’ earlier this year as “imaginary”. “This woman who made up ‘BBC’ has no face. No one knows who she is,” said Tate. The woman said in the interview that she was pressured by Tate to do webcam work and to have his name tattooed on her body.

Tate also drew attention to the concerns of senior police officials and human rights activists in the interview. “We are deeply concerned about the misogynistic rape culture that Andrew Tate is spreading,” said the director of the Rape Crisis helpline in England and Wales. Tate dismissed these comments as “absolute nonsense”. “I stand for hard work and discipline. I am anti-drug and preach religion, no alcohol and no crime with knives. I am against every problem in modern society.”

Andrew Tate during the interview with 'BBC'.
Andrew Tate during the interview with ‘BBC’. ©Twitter

Interviewer said “stupid things”

The British influencer also suggested that some of his comments were taken out of context or meant as a “joke”, such as his statement that a woman’s private parts belong to her male partner. “I don’t know if you understand sarcasm, context, or satire,” Tate said after the interviewer asked about his statements.

During the 40-minute interview, Tate said several times that the interviewer “said stupid things” and “needed to do a little more research.” As a sign of his distrust of traditional media, the influencer brought his own film crew. Even before leaving the building, Tate posted a message on Twitter promising to publish his own version of the interview, which he did shortly after.

Andrew Tate and his brother, Tristan, have now entered their last month under judicial supervision in the Romanian investigation. Any charges are expected in the coming weeks.

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