Incomprehensibly! “The miracle man” won the World Championship silver in his first race

Pakistan’s Arshad Nadeem thinks he could have even won the world championship.

The first official competition of the season and immediately the World Cup silver.

of Pakistan Arshad Nadeem showed on Sunday in the javelin final of the World Championships in Budapest, where the sometimes-cultivated nickname “Pakistan’s wonder man” comes from. Nadeem won the first global medal of his career with a score of 87.82.

– If I had been as good as I was at the Commonwealth Games last year, I would probably have won gold. It was my destiny to get silver, Nadeem said through an interpreter.

Arshad Nadeem won the first global medal of his career. Pasi Liesimaa

The best result of the Pakistani thrower’s career is 90.18 meters. In May, he took part in one of the national competitions ineligible for the statistics of the International Association of Athletics Federations, but the season did not officially start until Budapest.

The reason is health problems.

– My knee and elbow were operated on last year, so I was able to compete only now, Nadeem explained.

Nadeem has previously bagged awards from the Asian and Commonwealth Games. The World Cup silver is the best achievement in the history of home country Pakistan in prestigious athletics competitions.

Neeraj Chopra started a javelin revolution in India. Now the same is going on in Pakistan, Nadeem said.

– I am happy that Neeraj won the world championship. We are the two best in the world.

90 meters

Neeraj Chopra fanned the world championship. Pasi Liesimaa

Chopra from India won the world championship with a score of 88.17. The Czech Republic Jakub Vadlejch took bronze (86.67).

Chopra was already an Olympic champion before Sunday, but the world championship was the first of her career. However, the performance level did not please the superstar.

– After the Olympic gold, I really wanted to win the world championship. I don’t think I was the best thrower in these games. I wanted to throw more, more than 90 meters, said Chopra.

Chopra’s winning result came on the second attempt. Other throws were X, 86.32, 84.64, 87.73 and 83.98. The Indian’s best of the season is 88.77 thrown in the qualification.

Would it be enough for gold?

Jakub Vadlejch is an endurance medalist, but the gold is missing. Pasi Liesimaa

Vadlejch didn’t give himself a clean slate either. The Czech thrower already had Olympic silver, World Championship silver and bronze and European Championship silver in his trophy case.

Gold was already needed.

– It was obvious that this was not my day. I had difficulties, but I am proud that I was able to fight until the end. Casts were long and steady, but not what I wanted.

– If I had thrown 86 meters on my first attempt, the competition would have looked different.

Vadlejch’s bronze result was only seen in the fifth round. The Czech thrower’s record is 90.88 and the season’s best is 89.51.

The best of the season would have been enough for the world championship on Sunday.