Inari organizes the very high-quality SM skiing in 2023

High-quality Finnish skiing championships are organized in Upper Lapland, writes Santtu Silvennoinen from Inari.

The Finnish cross-country skiing championships will be held this weekend in Juutuanvaara, Inari. Jussi Saarinen

There is a strange feature in the Finnish way of thinking: when you praise something, you are easily labeled as an ass-licker, a seeker of your own interests, or a flatterer.

It’s not really about that, it’s about things being things.

This weekend, Inari is hosting clearly the highest quality SC skiing event this decade. Starting with road signs, network connections, service areas and race tracks, the details have been filed to a truly professional condition.

Inari’s mittelö is so carefully organized that it could be a World Cup competition. The air bridge connection to Ivalo is fine, there is enough accommodation capacity and, most importantly, the pistes and snow reliability are really rough.

Many times the SC skis are organized lazily with the left hand: we do what we have to, but otherwise we are like Ellu’s chickens.

For Inari’s team, the Finnish championship is really a big deal. Every Finnish skiing lover should appreciate that.

With the blessing of its TV partners, the Skiing Federation has been able to bring the spring winter championships to Lapland in the best skiing conditions in Finland in recent years: 2019 Ylitornio, 2022 Rovaniemi and 2023 Inari.

This should be continued, because competitive skiing in Lapland needs more championships than the rest of Finland’s provinces combined.

The Sami flag also flies in the stadium. Jussi Saarinen

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