In the Video Game Museum in Zoetermeer you can play on anything: ‘The best way to learn’

Maybe you grew up with Mario, The Sims or Minecraft. Then you know better than anyone how fun and educational video games can be. But did you know that the first video game already existed in 1960? And that you develop all kinds of useful skills by gaming? Caroline and Hasan tell you what else you can do in it Video Game Museum can discover.

The Videogame Museum tells the complete history of the video game. From developers and classic games like Space Invaders to the educational value of Minecraft. But that’s not all – this museum is by definition a place to experience. “Everything is playable,” says Caroline, head of marketing & communications at the museum. “So it’s an interactive experience.”

Video games from A to Z

According to director Hasan, the museum is therefore fun for young and old. “Whether you want to feel some nostalgia, beat your friends in a game of pong or go for a fun family outing.” Isn’t it just an arcade hall?

“It’s more than that,” Hasan explains. “Because you may be able to play all kinds of cool games, but you will also learn a lot while you are here. We have a very large collection and tell the story of video games from A to Z. Did you know, for example, that the first video games are more than sixty years old?”

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The new location of the museum | Photo: Video Game Museum

Love for games

No wonder Hasan can talk so passionately about the museum. He is not only an entrepreneur himself, but also quite a gaming nerd. “One-trepre-nerdI call it,” he laughs.

Caroline never considered herself much of a gamer. But now that she thinks back to her childhood, maybe she was. “Actually, as a child I often played games on my computer or Game Boy,” she says. “And if I didn’t already have that love for video games, the museum would give me it.”

Learning by playing

Hasan and Caroline hope that people will not only have fun in the museum, but also see what video games have brought us. “For example, you learn more easily by playing. It is not without reason that there is an educational version of the popular game Minecraft,” he explains.

“This allows children to learn formulas and complex theory without dry text, but in a playful way. Or how about a game like Wii Fit, where you are encouraged to exercise and you don’t even realize it because you are so immersed in the game?”

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You can try out all the games in the Videogame Museum | Photo: Caroline de Winter

Bringing people together

So you can develop all kinds of skills through gaming, but it also brings people together according to Hasan. Caroline can confirm that. “There are often people here who have found each other through a shared love for a particular video game,” she says. “I think that’s so beautiful.”

According to Hasan, the museum is also a way to introduce parents to their child’s world. “What are they actually playing? And what do they learn from that? You will discover all that here.”

In the City Heart

The Video Game Museum has just moved to the old ABN AMRO building in the Stadshart. “We have more floors here and everything has been given an even more beautiful place in the room,” says Caroline. “There is more room to learn and experience.”

Hasan now believes that the Video Game Museum is part of Zoetermeer. “We will probably move again in the future, but we will stay in this city anyway. We are very happy with the Stadshart.”

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