In the Government bunker they admit defeat

In the Government bunker they admit defeat. The distance with Javier Milei is now irrecoverable. In the ruling party they talk about a distance of approximately 14 points. They insist on very poor performance in provinces like Mendoza and Córdoba, but especially in unexpected places like La Pampa and even some suburban districts. The uneasiness in Peronism is total.

The possibility of a victory for Sergio Massa is already ruled out. Now, in the ruling party’s bunker, several members of the ruling party wonder how this film will continue in the three weeks that follow until the transfer of command. “Sergio is not going to go anywhere, it’s not like him, and we don’t want anyone later to come and say that this is our fault,” they say in massism. Some suburban mayors were already beginning to say that, if Javier Milei keeps his promise to cut federal co-participation to zero, they will not even be able to pay December salaries. Uncertainty grows.

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