In Africa, among the animals in the wild and in the villages that give women a future, from 14 June 2024 to 22 June. And first we have the islands of Naples, Yoga in Puglia and the Chelsea Flower Show in London

Lon the red soil of the savannah, sightings of lions, elephants, giraffes. Impossible to forget the photo safari at the Masai Mara. The tour in the African reserve, which is home to one of the highest concentrations of wild animals on Earth, is among the exciting stops on the trip to Kenya, designed exclusively for iO Donna readers, from 14 June 2024 to 22 June (9 days/7 nights).

Mahmood, his “Tuta gold” is also danced by children in Kenya

Mahmood, his “Tuta gold” is also danced by children in Kenya


In the company of a journalist from iO Donna, we visit Nairobi and the Karen Blixen Museum, originally the home of the author of Out of Africa, the Giraffe Center and Kazuri, a quality artisan jewelery and ceramics factory that employs women in difficult situations of fragility. The journey continues, with a total immersion in nature.

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Day after day you discover the Samburu National Reserve, Lake Nakuru National Park and the Masai Mara National Park, alternating 4×4 excursions with relaxation in the lodges of the reserves: tents with a view, on wooden stilts, to spot the animals. Also scheduled are meetings with non-profit organisations, which collaborate with local communities and with the women of the village of Umoja, founded in 1990 by a group of rape victims. A safe place, forbidden to men, where many have taken refuge over the years to protect themselves from all forms of gender violence: genital mutilation, domestic abuse or early marriage. A bead necklace made by them will be the most beautiful souvenir.

Samburu National Reserve, Kenya

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