With 41,851 new customers in the first six months of the year there is the historic overtaking on Mercedes Glc, but in sight there is even the duel with Audi A3, the best-selling premium category car ever.

    Gianluigi Giannetti

    06 August

    Balances that change, and not only in favor of the electric car as a whole. In the first half of 2022 Tesla Model Y was the best-selling medium-sized premium SUV in Europe, with a historic overtaking on Mercedes Glc, hitherto undisputed leader. But there is more, because the increase in sales of Model Y, produced both in the new factory near Berlin and in the one in Shanghai, was so strong as to make us think very reasonably for the next few months even overtaking on Audi A3, the best-selling premium car in Europe ever.

    transversal success

    According to preliminary data provided by the survey agency Dataforce, and which does not yet include sales in Finland and Portugal, Model Y in the first six months of 2022 won 41,851 new customers in Europe, leaving Mercedes Glc at 40,554, while on the podium. also goes Bmw X3 with its 31,138 contracts. The Model Y success was such as to bring a breath of fresh air as regards the percentages of choice on the type of engine, which for the first time sees the diesel option paired at 32%, which has always been hegemonic among the medium SUVs, reached evidently now from the electric one. The progression of Model Y is such, however, that there are other figures to keep under observation. In the first half, the best-selling premium car in Europe was Audi A3 with 51,994 units marketed, followed by Bmw X1, Mercedes A-Class, Bmw 3 Series and Mini, which, however, is the only one in the quintet not to score declining ratings. Model Y reached 41,851 customers despite the doubling of production lines, with the Gruenheide factory near Berlin destined for the production of high-performance variants and the Shanghai factory dealing with standard versions.

    On the launch pad

    Leaving aside the obvious similarities with the sister company Space X that deals with aerospace, Tesla is the protagonist of a vertical climb in production capacity. Musk has repeatedly assured that the Gruenheide plant would grow from the current 1,000 Model Y units produced daily to 5,000 by this year. That of the Shanghai plant is 3,000 cars per day. This is only a portion of the company’s overall growth strategy. Tesla’s production in 2021 amounted to one million vehicles, but has already reached the figure of 1.5 million by relying on the four factories in Fremont in California, Shanghai, Gruenheide in Germany and Austin in Texas. The goal for the end of 2022 is to reach an annual production of 2 million vehicles, while the announcement of the start of works for a fifth plant is expected by December.