Important suspect shooting Bergen aan Zee murdered just before the start of the trial

Just before the start of the mega trial about the shooting in Bergen aan Zee, one of the suspects was liquidated in his home country. It concerns Enes I. (27) from Macedonia.

The Public Prosecution Service reports his death and this is confirmed by the suspect’s lawyer.

Enes I. was one of the men suspected of it the Colombian man (45), but he has always denied this.

In total, there are now eight suspects left in the major investigation into the shooting at Van der Wijckplein on that cold afternoon of February 16.

Earlier sessions showed that a rival gang wanted to kidnap the South American after ‘his’ group of Colombians had defrauded one of the men with fake powdered sugar coke and stolen an expensive watch.

Several shots were fired during the struggle – beachgoers in Bergen aan Zee saw it happen right in front of them. The group of men drove off in cars and the shot man was driven by family to the center of Bergen.

There he died on the street. There, too, several people saw how the man was resuscitated. “The images are still on my retina”, said a shopkeeper about that earlier against NH.

Next Wednesday, more than two years later, the substantive lawsuit will begin. Then the facts and circumstances are first discussed, as well as the personal circumstances of the suspects.

On Wednesday, March 22, the demand of the public prosecutor against the eight suspects will follow. After that, the lawyers will conduct their defense on different days. It will take a total of seven sitting days. NH News follows the case.