Immutable price forecast: Will a 50% increase now follow for the best GameFi coin?

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As the play-to-earn space renaisses, GameFi has seen huge demand and become the most active crypto sector. The reason for this lies in the unique advantages that players can benefit from. Immutable is currently the leading GameFi coin and has risen over 30% in the past seven days, with the IMX token gaining an impressive 16% today alone. What is behind this strong rally and how IMX could develop in the future is now shown in the following Immutable price forecast.

This is how the Gaming Layer 2 Immutable recently developed

The newly developed chain launched on January 29th zkEVM their early access. However, access currently only exists for a selection of game studios and partners. The introduction should take place in phases, with: Next planned is the integration of the Type 1 Prover is. Likewise, on Upgraded February 27th which improves reliability and stability. The updates should all carried out in the current year become.

Likewise were from the Gaming research and consulting company Naavik one A list of the most anticipated Web3 games of 2024 has been created, which only includes titles from Immutable. These include Illuvium, Metalcore, Blocklords and Guardians.

It is also noteworthy that in the report “Crypto Theses 2024” from Messari it was mentioned that Immutable and Polygon together are said to account for 70% of the GameFi market share. However, it was also emphasized that it is currently difficult to give an exact number.

The Web3 gaming ecosystem Immutable is also continually expanding. This is how a new partnership was formed Symbio Creatives built up, with its game FuseWars is now to be launched on the Immutable blockchain. Moreover, this will Game Mhaya from Firestone Global brought to the zkEVM become. Added to that is that Hunters On Chain from Boom Land Gameswhich migrates to the chain.

According to Immutable co-founder Robbie Ferguson a particular outperformance in the last 6 weeks seen in gaming, gaming investments and gaming tokens. He also emphasizes that the GameFi market still in its infancy located.

Meanwhile, teams that were unable to raise funds two months ago or had problems doing so should now be able to obtain funds much more easily. Meanwhile, deals close 5-10x faster than before. They are also noteworthy many start-ups and indie studioswho are now busy with development.

The next 100 million Web3 users could be brought onto Web3 through blockchain games, which he believes could even happen overnight.

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Immutable price development and chart analysis

Immutable is currently with one Market cap of $3.73 billion on 25th place of CoinMarketCap’s largest blockchains. In the area of GameFi is currently even IMX on the first place, with the next coins in the ranking having market capitalizations less than half as large. This shows Immutable’s leading position.

A negative factor of IMX is the special high inflation ratewhich during the past 12 months at 97.61% lay. In addition, so far only 67.77% of the total 2 billion IMX tokens have been issued. For this reason, investors in Immutable have to plan for a higher inflation rate in the near future, which can dilute the value of the other coins.

Since the low at the beginning of 2023, IMX has risen an impressive 628.5% and in doing so, overshadow Bitcoin and many other cryptocurrencies. Within the past year, Immutable Outperformed 85% of the top 100 cryptocurrencies. Nevertheless, the leading GameFi coin is located 71% from its all-time high at $9.50 removed and noted at one Priced at $2.76.

Finally, the two of them were able to do the climbs Important Fibonacci retracements of the longer up and down trend at 2.1548 and 2.5286 USD were successfully overcome become. Now it still stands horizontal resistance at $2.8438 in the way. If this is broken sustainably, the Rise to $3.2784 go. After that is the next one Resistance zone in the area between $3.7272 and $4.0725.

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Immutable price forecast

Immutable price forecast

As a gaming ecosystem on which many other game studios and publishers can also publish their games Immutable scales much easier. This means that the offer can also be more diversified, which in turn increases opportunities and spreads risks. Compared to the low success rates of individual games, Immutable offers a particularly interesting investment option and should be included in a well-diversified crypto portfolio.

This has also been beneficial high activity on unique wallets in the GameFi space made noticeable. Because they have been achieving the highest activity in the entire crypto sector for years. This supports Ferguson’s thesis that the next mass adoption of Web3 will likely come from the gaming market.

In the long term, it is immutable the leading Web3 gaming project by market capitalization, is well positioned for the play-to-earn megatrend with its passport and other services. The enormous increase in demand for video games compared to music and films shows the increasing importance of this market.

In addition, this circumstance could become even more important due to further developments in the Metaverse and other technologies as well as possibly increasing unemployment due to AI and robots, as the Doctor and astrologer Dr. Niederwiese also predicted.

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Meme Kombat brings GameFi into the disruptive AI age

Another notable GameFi project is the viral meme Kombat, which after a short time has an enormous reach and high Presale financing amount of more than USD 8.5 million has achieved. Because it wants to Make the monotonous and boring repetition of video games a thing of the past with the help of groundbreaking AI. Instead, the aim is to offer an even more captivating gaming experience through a special level of variety.

One is being developed Battle arena in the style of the internationally popular cult game Mortal Kombat. In this they appear iconic meme characters in legendary battles compete against each other to earn attractive rewards. Likewise, it also includes one Betting function, with which you can bet on the outcomes of the different fights. The bets can also be made with the staked coins, so that users can earn twice as much.

Mortal Kombat meets Play-to-Earn Special Memecoin enters the arena

Unlike most other memecoins, this has Team of crypto experts However, his identity was revealed and the Have code verified by Coinsult’s crypto security specialists. This underlines the seriousness of the GameFi project while at the same time combined explosive potential of the memecoins famous for parabolic price increases combined in just one token. Finally, the communities of the different meme tokens known as community coins are addressed.

Due to the great rush of investors who are still interested in this Pre-sale offer want to secure with attractive conditions are now Only tokens worth less than USD 1.5 million are still available. One reason for this, in addition to the book profits from advance sales price increases, is primarily the high level Staking return, which is currently still a high 110% per year. The special unique selling point has made investors 80% of purchased coins staked have, which suggests the great trust they have and at the same time Price explosions during the first listing are encouraged.

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