“Immoral that Talpa still continues with Peter Gillis”

Rob Goossens finds it bizarre that Talpa still continues with Peter Gillis’ soap, despite the fact that the government has designated him as an alleged criminal entrepreneur. “Immoral.”

© Friso Keuris, RTL

The net seems to be closing slowly around Peter Gillis, but John de Mol does not want to accept that. It is unclear exactly what relationship the gentlemen have with each other, but Talpa remains very firmly attached to the reality star. Even now that Bibob, which conducts integrity investigations for governments, has identified him as an alleged criminal entrepreneur.

SBS 6 is backing down

SBS 6 announced two months ago that they will only make a decision about a sequel to ‘Familie Gillis: Massa is Kassa’ when the judge has ruled in the case about the abuse of his ex-girlfriend Nicol Kremers. The hearing was actually scheduled for next week, but now that Nicol has filed a report himself, it has been postponed.

In the meantime, the channel has continued to film in case Peter does not turn out to be a villain. “Only after the judge’s verdict will we make a decision about a possible continuation of the series,” said the channel this summer. Well, they have now come back from that: they will continue anyway.

Other Gillis Policies

There is now a different policy regarding Peter Gillis, let the channel know. “Now that the trial, which was originally supposed to start on August 29, has been postponed, we will broadcast the new season of Familie Gillis: Massa is Kassa that is now in production on SBS 6 this year,” says a spokesperson.

The press officer continues: “In this case we have always believed that someone is only guilty if a judge has ruled on it. We hold on to that. But if, before or during the broadcast of the series, there is a conviction in this case, the series will be stopped early.”


After postponing the soap, Özcan Akyol wondered whether Talpa has a moral compass, and now that the company is continuing with it, Rob Goossens calls John de Mol’s club downright ‘immoral’. He did that yesterday during the live broadcast of RTL Boulevardthe most viewed show category in the Netherlands.

Rob: “I really can’t believe this. So it started when we just happened to find out that they were already playing and they said, ‘Oh, no, we’re playing, but we’ll decide later if we’re going to broadcast it.’ They would decide that after Nicol’s case.”

Weird and careless

We were all just fooled by Talpa for a while, says Rob. “Then you know that they have not been serious from the start. They wanted to give us the impression that they did take it seriously, but they just knew from the start: we’re going to broadcast it. Nothing has changed in the meantime.”

Colleague Eddy Zoëy: “How brutal is it to just step over that, Rob? There are a lot of people who say: ‘It’s just half a criminal, stop it now.’”

Large platform

If Peter is convicted, Talpa should just now continue with the soap and film him in prison, says Rob. “Don’t stop anything early, just take the whole pain so we all know how immoral Talpa is in this situation.”

Was something said about it at Talpa’s Shownieuws? One critical question was uttered by Bart Ettekoven: “The question arises: should you give someone so controversial such a large platform?”

That question was – how could it be otherwise – not answered.