Imca Marina does not understand RTL Boulevard interview Danny de Munk

Imca Marina thinks it is very unwise that Danny de Munk was so candid in front of the camera of RTL Boulevard a month ago. She would have advised him against it.


Yvonne Coldeweijer’s attack on Danny de Munk caused a lot. He is now charged with rape. He has suffered greatly from it, but has not been completely cancelled. For example, he performed this weekend during a large beer party in Tilburg, together with Django Wagner.


Danny denied all allegations a month ago in a long interview with RTL Boulevard. He admitted that he had cheated. It was a very awkward conversation, says his musical colleague Imca Marina.

The interview did Danny no good, she says in the weekly magazine Weekend. “No not. If I could have given him any advice: continue breathing and living. Don’t worry too much about what people think of you and don’t defend yourself if your conscience is clear, let it pass. Why would you want to prove yourself?”


Imca would have left RTL Boulevard on the left. “Leave it alone, you are a good singer, with a beautiful family, cherish that! There are always rumors about everything and everyone, especially if you have strong opinions. If I have to believe everything that is said about me, it won’t do you any good.”

She continues: “No, you should not respond to rumours, you are crazy. I don’t know what his motivation was to tell his story. I don’t know him personally. Maybe it’ll be a relief and he’s got over it that people think that way about him.”

Nice boy

Those rumors do not go into Imca either. “The funny thing is that I think he’s a very normal nice boy and I can’t imagine what is being said about him now. I think it’s a sweet baby.”

Previously, Danny also received public support from Wolter Kroes. He states that his colleague is ‘too nice’ to rape someone.