Ilse and Daniek put a special catering company in Weiteveen up for sale. ‘The most difficult decision of our lives’

The Wollegras catering company in Weiteveen is for sale. Sisters Ilse (31) and Daniek (28) Hoogland want to give their lives a different direction after more than six years. As long as the company is not sold, the two sisters will continue to run it.

Wollegras is a unique catering company. The restaurant is located in a modern building on the edge of the Bargerveen nature reserve and literally a stone’s throw from the largest sheepfold in the Netherlands. In addition to the beautiful view, the company of the two sisters from Zwartemeer is known for the dishes it serves. Organic regional products are used as much as possible.

“The most difficult decision of their lives.” This is how Ilse and Daniek Hoogland characterize their decision to put Wollegras up for sale. “It is a wonderful company that we support with heart and soul,” says Daniek. “But things have also changed for us over the years. Ilse has started a family and I long for a little more freedom. That is why we think it would be good for others to take over. People who love this place just as much and would prefer to continue with a similar concept.”

As long as the company has not been sold, the two sisters will continue with Wollegras with great enthusiasm, Daniek Hoogland emphasizes. “So all reservations can remain standing.” Only the company will be put up for sale, the building will remain the property of Staatsbosbeheer. “Our lease continues for another four years. The new owners will have to take over that. We have had extensive consultations with Staatsbosbeheer and they are open to this.”