Ilary Blasi Totti divorce, Cristiano Iovino witness at the trial

It was Francesco Totti himself who wanted him in court, due to the burning revelations he supposedly had

Cristiano Iovino is once again at the center of the media vortex. Francesco Totti in fact he cited him as a witness no less in the cause of divorce from Ilary Blasi. The presence of the personal trainer in the courtroom could help shed light on the end of the marriage between the former Roma captain and the showgirl, but it could have a significant impact on the sentenceas reported by the weekly Who. In recent times, Iovino confessed to having had an intimate relationship with Ilary Blasi and, apparently, he will now have to tell the details also to the judge.

Cristiano Iovino and Ilary Blasi: “intimate encounters”

“We met in 2020, through social media” Cristiano Iovino explained just a few days ago. “We later agreed to get to know each other in person at a Banksy exhibition that they were holding in the center of Rome at that time”, he recalled. Then the first approaches on Instagram, a few jokes and a series of meetings. “We mainly saw each other at my home” he explained, “even if he happened to see us in Alessia Soldani’s shop in Parioli“. After that, that’s it. “If I then get called in court” he had prophetically concluded, “I will report in that place”.


Well-known figure in the entertainment world, Cristiano Iovino does not go unnoticed for his past relationships. His first gossip story dates back to a few years ago, with the former tronista of Men and women, Sabrina Ghio. An initially intense and seemingly perfect relationship, which however faded overnight. Then, it arrived Zoe Cristofoli, with whom she ended up shortly after and now she is Theo Hernandez’s partner. Far from heartbroken, the personal trainer began seeing each other Giulia De Lellisthen move on to Mariana Rodriguez. The circle finally closed with Ilary Blasiand the rest is history.

burning testimony

The impact of Cristiano Iovino’s recent statements is likely to have inevitable consequences on the divorce process underway in the civil court of Rome. In fact, if Iovino repeats in the courtroom what he declared to the newspapers, his words could influence the verdict. Meanwhile, the ex-spouses continue with the separation mutual charge, and therefore with significant implications from both a legal and economic point of view. Judge Simona Rossi, the newspapers speculate, could potentially deny her ex-wife themaintenance allowance or exclude her from the inheritance (but not her children). A non-problem, for a financially independent woman like her, but certainly a nice thing shame.