Il Divon Sébastien reveals his most memorable gig memory

Il Divon Sébastien Izambard remembers how cold it is always in Finland.

Sebastien Izambard says he loves Finland. SUMO

Il Divo will arrive in Finland to give a concert next autumn. The band has been to Finland several times before, but now not everything is as before. Carlos Marin, who has been involved in Il Divo since the beginning, died last December of a disease caused by the coronavirus.

– We felt for 17 years. He was a big person, loud, Spanish. He was absolutely incredibly talented. Music was his passion. Carlos was like a brother to me, so sometimes we had disagreements. His death was truly tragic, Sébastien Izambard49, says Iltalehti via video call.

Sébastien raises Carlos’ death before he even has time to ask. Sébastien smiles and grins through the interview, but talking about Carlos leaving is serious about the charismatic Frenchman.

– You know, sometimes when I performed on the stage next to him, I forgot the words, because he sang so wonderfully.

After Marin’s death, the remaining members of the group are American in addition to Sebastien David Miller and Swiss Urs Buhler. The band decided to continue their already announced For Once in My Life Tour as a tribute to Marin, with a special guest on the American baritone. Steven LaBrie.

David Miller (left), Sebastien Izambard, Urs Buhle and Steven LaBrie. AOP

In Finland, the band will perform at the Helsinki Ice Rink on October 25 and in Oulu on October 26.

– I feel that it is always cold in Finland, at least when we have been there. We last performed at some big ice rink (Hartwall Arena), and we first thought of freezing, hahah.

– I love Finland! It is wonderful to walk around the parks, see the old buildings and churches. And a sauna of course!

Of course, Sébastien also praises the audience, which he says is always warm and empathetic with music.

However, according to Sébastien, perhaps the most passionate fans are in South America.

– Once a fan threw his panties right in my face, hahah. We are now on tour in Japan, and it must be said that the audience here is restrained and not as riotous as even in Finland.

Il Divo is a music mogul Simon Cowellin band formed in 2004. The members have not changed except for the late Carlo.

– We have more gray hair. We have grown up over the years, especially in the early days we had quarrels, and we had big egos.

This is what Il Divo looked like in 2007. Carlos Marin, who has since passed away, is second from the left. AOP

Il Divo, like the others, had to leave for a few years due to the corona pandemic, but now the band is back on stage

– It feels so good to perform and get people together, we have missed it. We get to share our joys, our sorrows, our feelings. Music gives strength to us and the audience. Now in Ukraine, horrible things are happening, but music brings people together, it is needed.

The reason for Il Divo’s popularity is not to be answered by Sébastien. He directly admits he was afraid the band wouldn’t be a favorite.

– In fact, I would like Il Divo to be even bigger in Finland. Next time I want to stay longer in Finland.