Iivo Niskanen returned to raves – The performance was rejected

Iivo Niskanen guided his own horse in the test start on Monday.

Iivo Niskanen is also a trotting instructor. PASI LEISMA

Iivo Niskanen jumped into Kuopio’s raves on Monday as a guide.

Niskanen was in a stroller when his 3-year-old gelding Easytotalk trotted in the test start. A horse must complete a test start to be eligible to compete in toto trots.

Easytotalk was seventh in the trial, but the performance was not accepted. According to the competition rules, the kilometer time of 3-year-old warm-blooded horses must be at least 1:25.0 at the test start.

Easytalk’s kilometer time was 1:25.7.

– The horse was seven tenths too quiet in the kilometer time. There was no approved trial start, Easytalk trainer Iikka Nurmonen tells Iltalehte.

According to Nurmonen, Easytotalk’s debut trots were promising despite the rejection.

– The foal behaved nicely and performed flawlessly in every situation. As long as it learns how to race at raves, it will surely pass the test start next time. It was too calm, nothing else wrong.

A keen healer

The Olympic champion in skiing owns Easytalk through his company Iivo Niskanen Oy. He also has other horses.

Niskanen drove a trotting card last year and steered in four races. According to Nurmonen, the skiing star’s interest in raves shows.

– It has been followed with interest. A week ago, Iivo came to our house to ride that colt. It’s been nice to watch. Iivo is really enthusiastic and likes horses a lot.

– He owns a few horses, but doesn’t want to take time out of his busy schedule to ride very often. There would be more enthusiasm than time.

Easytotalk will run the next trial with these prospects in a few weeks. So far, it is not known whether the cart has a skiing star or someone else.