IG Metall demands charging stations for shopping centers

The Metall industrial union advocates for shopping centers to have charging stations for electric cars. This should be done through regulatory law. Whether the goal of 15 million electric cars in Germany by 2030 will be achieved depends on the charging station and network infrastructure, said the union chairman.

The German Trade Association (HDE) rejected the claim. “An obligation to set up charging stations in retail is neither expedient nor necessary,” said HDE general manager Stefan Genth on Wednesday in Berlin. At least 15 percent of all public charging points are already installed in retail areas. Every third quick charging point is in retail. However, the trading companies needed the freedom to choose the locations themselves. “Not every location is suitable for construction. A market-driven expansion makes sense so that you don’t over-build with the watering can,” argued Genth.

In addition, an adapted subsidy is necessary, also for the charging stations in retail. “All of this is still too bureaucratic, too tedious and cannot be used by retailers, since the basic condition for this is that the parking areas are open around the clock, seven days a week. However, this is not possible with around 55 percent of the parking areas,” said the association’s managing director. (dpa)