If you are self-employed and received help during the pandemic, be sure to check this

12/03/2023 at 16:02


Hundreds of thousands of self-employed workers received help during the state of alarm in the pandemic

During the pandemica series of aid for cessation of activity that benefited between 100,000 and 150,000 self-employed workers who had had to close their businesses after the declaration of the state of alarm. Now, the Government has confirmed that it is carrying out a Verification process to determine whether these aid beneficiaries complied with the benefit requirements.

Provisional recognition of benefits

The Government explains that they carried out a provisional recognition of the extraordinary benefit for cessation of activity for the self-employed due to the emergency situation at the time of the pandemic. However, this recognition would later bring the verification of compliance with requirements. Therefore, it has been since September 1st this year when this process began.

At this point, the Executive has detected a “small percentage of benefits, derived from insufficient documentation in the accreditation of the requirements”, in which it is necessary to collect additional information from the self-employed in order to verify effective compliance with the requirements that the norm establishes and proceed to the definitive recognition of the benefit.

What the requirements review process entails

The Executive points out that the process of reviewing the requirements “does not imply the restitution of the benefit”, but rather the self-employed application so that you can prove those requirements for collecting aid. “In most cases, once the supporting documentation has been presented and compliance with the requirements has been verified, it will be definitively recognized by the mutual insurance company,” adds the Government.

In the event that the compliance with the requirements established by the regulations, The claim for the benefit will proceed, although the number of denied benefits, says the response, will be “very lower” than the number of benefits to which the hearing procedure has been granted as these reviews are motivated in a large percentage by formal defects. .

How many benefits have been reviewed

As of October 20, 2023, 456,998 benefitswhich represents 31% of the total aid that was granted, and of them there has been the definitive recognition of the benefit to 439,915 self-employedwhile andn 16,614 cases The self-employed person has been granted the hearing procedure to verify compliance with requirements and in another 469 cases the right to recognize the benefit has been denied as compliance with the requirements has not been proven.