“If there’s trouble for the bosses, it’ll stick!”

Jesse Joensuu does not digest the SM league’s decision.

Jesse Joensuu wants the League open. Elmeri Elo / AOP

The SM League announced on Thursday that no new teams will be accepted into the series for the 2024–2025 season. The decision was not Pori Ässie’s captain To Jesse Joensuu mind.

Joensuu, who played 29 matches in Leijon, let it burn on Twitter.

– 98 percent of the players want the League open. In Finland, our great sport and especially the series have been hijacked by the wrong people, the attacker referred to Thursday’s press release of the Players Association.

– The sport itself, the competition, the players and the paying public demand the League to be open! That would be a problem for some bosses, so stick with it!

If you don’t see the tweet, you can take a look its here.

Joensuu also expressed his concern about the fading of the second highest league level, Mestis. Kiekko-Espoo, who play in Mesti, was aiming for a league spot for the 2024–2025 season, but Thursday’s decision crushed their dreams.

– That’s Mesti’s level and well-being sucks when great visionaries move the League forward! It has gone well, Joensuu wrote with a thumbs up emoji.

– Finland can accommodate two professional series, 12 and 12. The competition brings audiences and great emotions!

If you don’t see the tweet, you can take a look its here.

There are currently 15 teams playing in the SM league.

No applications

The shareholders of the SM League, i.e. practically all the clubs playing in the series, decided on the fate of the 2024–25 season at Thursday’s extraordinary general meeting. The license system will be renewed during the next season, and then license applications for the 2024–25 season will not be accepted.

Joensuu is the captain of Aces. He scored 9+10 in 60 regular season matches last season and will continue in Pori next season as well.

In his career, the power forward has played in the KHL for the Jokers and in the NHL for both the New York Islanders and the Edmonton Oilers.