If Geert Wilders agrees to less, then Kim Putters is a hypnotist column Eric Nederkoorn

Wondering which elections will be held first: the European one, for which we will have the opportunity to vote for civilization from June 6 to 9, or the early one for the House of Representatives.

The latter in case things go wrong at the negotiating table. Or good, for those who aspire to civilization.

Now it seems that Kim Putters, alias ‘the most influential Dutchman’, a title he was given for several years, can actually heavily influence the ladies and gentlemen of PVVVVDBBBNSC. To forge together.

Putters is a boy scout

Putters is chairman of the SER, the Social-Economic Council, the most important advisory body to the government and parliament. But perhaps even more important for the position of informateur is his ever-strong commitment to scouting, from his youngest years on. A boy scout!

Scouting Netherlands deleted this term from the official terminology in Putters’ year of birth (1973), apparently because it was too lame, Doodzonde. It’s a beautiful word and you immediately know what needs to be done: find the right path!

Putters doesn’t need to scout at the moment: the troop is already sitting around the table. However, lighting a fire, which the boy scout has already mastered from lesson 1, is not part of his duties. On the contrary, he has to put out smoldering fires.

In any case, as the most influential man he directly influenced Pieter Omtzigt. Omtzigt still wants to tolerate.

We’ll see what exactly that is later. Mrs Yesilgöz, who will only later realize that she is mainly there for Mrs Yesilgöz, has now ‘provided building blocks’ for cooperation. Again, no idea what that means. Maybe she consulted Steentjeswereld, the largest webshop for Lego. Yet it seems that Putters also influenced her cabinet to some extent.

Wilders with refrigerator to Venlose landfill

His powers like super influencer are definitively proven when we see Geert Wilders tying that trailer behind his official car today. Wilders then places a huge refrigerator in there, on its side, packed with all the ugly things he came up with in the time when he was not yet acting, which turned out not to be too bad.

We see him drive to the Venlo landfill, where he throws the entire stall into the deepest possible container with a dull thump. Finally, he presented Putters with a signed statement, promising that he would never purchase such a refrigerator again. Not even if he can save Blokker from destruction.

That’s how it should go. Otherwise Omtzigt has nothing to tolerate. If he agrees to less, then Putters is not just the most influential, he is a hypnotist.

A quote in times of the circulating anti-European idea, a nexit that Wilders so desperately wants: ‘Every person with feeling and reason, including every politician, knows that nowadays the peoples of Europe can no longer exist in isolation and thrive, but that they depend on each other and form a community of destiny. It is nothing but preposterousness to use some romantic idea of ​​national character as an argument against such a necessity of life.’

A quote from Volt’s articles of association? From D66? Carpenters! No. It was spoken in February 1933 in Berlin, at an anti-Nazi meeting, on behalf of the absent writer Thomas Mann. Four months later, all political parties were banned. Except Hitler’s. For those who have doubts about the European elections.

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