Icy confrontation: Nils and Gijs Eekhoff brave the cold in a brotherly dispute

There was a brotherly twist on the program yesterday during the Amsterdam Cross Competition. Professional cyclist Nils Eekhoff was at the start together with his brother Gijs Eekhoff. “I rode my last cross in November last year. Gijs has trained a lot so I’m curious,” Nils Eekhoff said before the start.

“Last week we were at a training camp in Spain. We talked a lot about this race. I want to have fun and drive a nice race. Hopefully I can finish ahead of Nils,” Gijs Eekhoff commented.

“He has never finished ahead of me, but last year it was an exciting race. Then he made it difficult for me, so I fear that a bit this year,” says Nils Eekhoff.

Icy cold

Because there was ice on the course in Sloten, Amsterdam, the race for the Eekhoff brothers started half an hour later. The brothers from Rijsenhout started the match under cold conditions. You can see who won in the video report above.