Another item from Cobain, for Dodge Dart from 1965, brought 375,000 dollars (355,000 euros) op.

    Op de veiling are also sold talloze items from other beroemdheden. An expensive guitar for country tongs Johnny Cash went for 437,500 dollars (414,000 euros) to the most conservative. Never before will he receive more money than a deposit of cash, says the veiling house.

    Also, the grandchildren of Madonna went without a hitch. So brought the idea of ​​Marilyn Monroe from the video clip of ‘Material Girl’ for 287,500 dollars (272,000 euros) and it will be shown in a video on Instagram for 21,875 dollars (20,700 euros). The handwritten song text from ‘Born to Run’ by Bruce Springsteen fetched 44,800 dollars (42,400 euros) op.

    In total 1,300 items are hidden. Het driedaagse Music Icons Auction Event, housed in Hard Rock Cafe New York, brought in a total of 15 million dollars (roughly 14 million euros) op.