Allavena packs safely against Friesen. He buries the half-height end in his fang hand.



    Suddenly the play equipment is lying on the Allavena housing! Jeglič gets through in the middle and then shoots high. In front of the goal he hits Verlič with his attempted shot and the puck flies in a high arc over the shoulders of the EHC goalie and over the crossbar right on target. There wasn’t much missing.



    The top game has so far lived up to its name. Munich and the Seestädter play with an open visor. That’s really fun.



    A failed attempt at a slap shot tumbles into the slot to Tyrväinen, who, with his back to the goal and when he falls, tries to get his backhand on goal, but pushes it a few centimeters past the right post. Bremerhaven has now appeared twice at the front in a highly dangerous manner.



    Madness from Mauermann, who has a brainwave and sends the disc blindly along the blue line to the right. Bruggisser races up and initially has a clear path, but then stops and wants to corner the last Munich defender. The defender loses the disc at the last moment.



    And on the other side, Allavena then stops Friesen! It goes just as quickly in the other direction and Friesen finishes flat. Allavena has the stick on the ice and saves.



    Kastner misses the opening goal! Suddenly, the guests are three on the counterattack and play their way in front of goal at breakneck speed when Kastner gets the game machine in the middle and then loses control of the game machine with a feint! Lucky for the lake townspeople.



    Blum hits the bar! The defender has a lot of space in the right circle, watches the goalie and shoots high. Franzreb is beaten, but he can rely on the case!



    Friesen looks for McKenzie in the slot, but his pass from behind the goal doesn’t find his teammate’s blade. Bremerhaven repeatedly gets into dangerous situations through aggressive forechecking, even if the last pass hasn’t found a taker so far.



    Bruggisser joins in at the front and tanks up to the baseline. From there, he backhanded the disc into the slot, but Vikingstad missed in the middle.



    It goes back and forth. No interruptions in the initial phase, both teams immediately look for the direct route to the goal.



    Hager is on the defensive and blocks Wirth’s long-range shot from the air with his disc – not bad!



    Wejse is brought onto the ice in the neutral zone after a tackle. There is the first big outcry in the ice rink, but no punishment yet.



    The Red Bulls are up front for the first time and let the hard rubber circle. But Abeltshauser and Co. are still unable to put a dangerous target on goal.



    Jeglič grabs the puck behind the goal after Munich lost a disc, immediately pulls in front of the box and wants to press the play equipment flat over the line. Allavena packs the schooners onto the ice and holds securely.



    Departure – the game is on!


    Young Daniel Allavena starts in the visitors’ goal. So the veteran Danny from the birches is sitting on the bench for now. And for the home side, Maximilian Franzreb starts between the posts.


    Well then: In the table, both teams are only separated by a measly three points and in the last meeting there was a wafer-thin 1-0. That sounds like excitement! Who comes out of the break better and can put an exclamation point in the top game? Bremerhaven vs. Munich – it can start again!


    Finding a gap in this team is next to impossible. Due to injuries, however, there are a few Munich concerns. Mathias Niederberger is out for the time being.


    Austin Ortega stands out among the leaders with 18 points, alongside Chris DeSousa and Andi Eder (17 each). But the Munich offensive is versatile. Anyway, the team from the south has not grown offensively. With 69 goals in 20 games, the Red Bulls have the best attack in the league.


    For the penguins, Žiga Jeglič has been the man with the Alder eye. A total of 16 assists and two goals. The Slovenian playmaker knows where to serve his fellow players. The two phil(l)ips on the defensive are also striking. Bruggisser and Samuelsson swallow well over 20 minutes per game on average and also know how to play at the front with 15 and 12 goals respectively.


    It was exactly the opposite with the team from the north. The win against Munich was followed by four defeats in five games. Straubing, Ingolstadt, Nuremberg and Berlin made Bremerhaven bleed. After all, there was still a conciliatory departure in the days off with a clear 5-1 win against Wolfsburg.


    In the next five games, the EHC went off the ice four times as the winner. Munich was in good shape before the break. They heralded the interruption with a win against Cologne – can they now also score points at the restart?


    It is the second duel between the two opponents this season – and the game is increasing again in the far north. A razor-thin 1-0 for Fischtown gave the hosts three points against the Red Bulls in October.


    The Penguins, who have had a fantastic start to the season, know only too well what the prospect at the top of the table has to offer. Ideally, the hosts should go there again, although they are still well served with fourth place and a wafer-thin margin up. Together with Mannheim and Ingolstadt they round off the top 4 in the league. With the Eisbären unusually weak this year and Wolfsburg not yet at the level of the last few years, a performance in the top quartet does not seem unreasonable for the Seestadt team.


    Can the EHC groove back into the top game today? After the reinforcements in the summer and the associated championship ambitions, Munich has established itself as the absolute top team in the league and the number one contender for the title. But the season is long, and a place in the sun with all its privileges and perks in the playoffs doesn’t just happen by itself.


    The Bremerhaven team now has a break of exactly eleven days behind them. Time to give your muscles and bones a bit of regeneration before 100% intensity is required again in everyday league life. The situation is different for the league leaders: The Munich team started again the day before yesterday in the Champions Hockey League against Zug. However, with a decent false start. In the round of 16 first leg of the CHL, Bayern went ice bathing extensively against EVZ from Switzerland with a score of 1:5 and are therefore on the verge of being eliminated.


    Get out of the Germany Cup break! The DEL is back. The 21st match day is heralded with an explosive top game – the Penguins Bremerhaven welcome the EHC Red Bull Munich. At 7:30 p.m. the disc flies onto the ice for the first face-off. Warm welcome!