Third consecutive monthly increase for the continental car market. October data indicate a 14.1% increase over the same period a year ago. But the 2022 trend up to this point remains negative

    The shortage in the global supply of microchips has less serious effects, car manufacturers can produce more vehicles and as a result sales can rise again. For the third consecutive month, the European auto market recorded a positive sign: +14.1% in October 2022 compared to the same month a year ago, considering the European Union, the United Kingdom and EFTA (Switzerland, Norway and Iceland); equals 910,753 passenger cars. But the figure for the full year up to this point remains negative: -7.8% over ten months, a percentage corresponding to 9,181,660 units sold.

    According to the analysis by Unrae (the association that brings together foreign manufacturers operating in Italy) on Acea data, i.e. the body that brings together European manufacturers, around 780,000 vehicles are missing on a continental level, compared to 2021. One factor further must be considered, as the Promotor Study Center points out: in all the major markets, demand is supported above all by long-term rental companies and corporate fleets. Sales to private individuals, on the other hand, are still very lukewarm. Finally, the demand for electric cars is growing in the major markets (Germany, France, the United Kingdom and Spain). While in Italy the trend of this item is still going against the trend.