Ibrahim Sadiq makes his return against Almere City

Ibrahim Sadiq returns to AZ on Saturday evening after his injury against Almere City. The Swede dropped out in the lost match against Feyenoord. “He got through the week well and will therefore be in the selection,” said Pascal Jansen, the trainer of the club from Alkmaar.

As expected, Mees de Wit and Mayckel Lahdo are not yet available for AZ. “They try to translate the plans they have there onto the field,” Jansen said about Almere City.

“You can now also see that on the field. The last few games have been a bit less with quite a few goals conceded. But I think the season will continue to go that way, because they are still busy mastering all the lessons for the Eredivisie. to get.”


Peer Koopmeiners is rented out by the Alkmaar residents to the PhD candidate. According to Jansen, he is developing properly. “This is what you hope for when boys fly out and get their minutes elsewhere. There are a number of things that stand out. For example, he scores very high on the number of interceptions. I am happy that he is getting playing time there and at the end returns to AZ this season as a more mature player.”

The match against Koopmeiners and Almere City starts on Saturday evening from 9 p.m. You can of course follow that match live in our live blog.