“I will never forgive this”

The disappearance of Rainbow beer and other popular products from store shelves has heated the emotions of Finns.

Rainbow’s pale lager has been one of the brand’s most popular products. Timo Pylvänäinen

The S group said on Thursday that it will stop selling its own Rainbow brand. The S group will replace Rainbow with the Coop brand, which is familiar from other Nordic countries. According to the S group, the purpose of the change is to secure an affordable price level and a good quality-price ratio in the future.

The first Rainbow product, Rainbow raisins, hit store shelves in 1967. During the following decades, the brand developed into the S group’s most extensive series of own brands, with more than 1,500 products. In the future, the S group will also aim for the same size category with the Coop brand.

The news of Rainbow’s departure has heated the emotions of Finns. We asked our readers which Rainbow products they will especially miss, and the answers came in at a rapid pace. The answers highlighted beer in particular, which according to the S group has been one of the brand’s most popular products. In the responses received from readers, the cessation of lager was described, among other things, as leaving a hole in the heart shaped like a copper bullet.

– Rainbow lager traveled by my side throughout its existence. Rest in peace, dear friend, commented nickname Rane.

– Light lager beer. What will I drink as a food drink in the future? I will never forgive S-Group for this, and I will switch to K-Group’s customer in the future, writes the nickname Ssami.

The beer was also praised in the comments as the best that is available in stores. The price was also praised as being reasonably affordable. The beer’s departure sparked fiery comments from readers, some of which were laced with strong words.

– I will miss copper, i.e. pale lager beer. It cannot be taken from stores, writes the nickname Kuparinkuluttaja.

– You don’t take copper, commented Markoboy.

Readers of Iltalehti praise Rainbow’s cream cheese as the best possible for its taste and price. Henri Kärkkäinen

Cream cheese and treats

Rainbow cream cheese is also missed by many Iltalehti readers.

– Rainbow 17% cream cheese is the best, not even Oltermann’s equivalent cheese can do this. We’ll see if Coop will replace it with an equally good product, comments Lasse.

– Cream cheese! There is no other cheese to eat, writes Siru.

– I will miss many Rainbow products, but that cream cheese! Its taste is perfect. I can’t live without it, this gets emotional, comments Anu.

– Rainbow cream cheese beat the “better” brands when they came, sums up the name brand Zamppa.

Many will also miss, for example, a bag of Hearts candy, blue cheese, french fries, tuna and frozen foods. More people said that they buy almost all foods under the Rainbow brand.

– Everyone. Isn’t the ultimate purpose of the change to secretly raise prices or handle the price increase by shrinking the package size? This slide game is played by the whole trade and maybe even the industry, writes Seetri.

– Everyone! This is a bad mistake. They know quietly even in the S group, but the group pressure took away, commented Dagg.

– The first thing that comes to mind is Rainbow’s world’s most wonderful blue cheese, potato-root soup, juice concentrates, grated cheese, peach curd. Inexpensive detergents, etc. Good and affordable, which even a pensioner can afford, writes Sandevaan.

Some of the respondents are not moved by the change.

– Frankly, I don’t (miss) anything. Most if not all Rainbow products are of foreign origin, and I much prefer S group’s Kotimaista products, writes the moniker MC.