I want to marry a brunette girl!

Serdar Ortaç, one of the successful names of pop music, gave a concert in Malatya years later. The famous singer, who divorced Irish model Chloe Loughnan, whom she married in 2014, in a single session in 2019, stated that blonde women always entered her life, and made a remarkable statement about her private life.

There was a Serdar Ortaç concert at Malatya Mişmiş Park Fairground on the last day of the 25th Malatya International Culture and Art Activities and Apricot Festival, organized by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Malatya Governorate and Malatya Metropolitan Municipality. “I will never forget my Malatya concert,” said the 52-year-old pop singer, who gave the most crowded concert of the four-day festival.

Before Ortaç, who did not come to Malatya to give a concert for more than 20 years, Uzbekistani dance and music group and rap music artist Eypio took the stage. The people of Malatya welcomed Serdar Ortaç with great hospitality. Before the concert, Serdar Ortaç shared on his own page about the reaction of Ahmet Kaya fans, who are from Malatya, on social media, and presented a musical feast to tens of thousands of people who filled the area.


Serdar Ortaç, who has been singing his popular songs since his debut song ‘Karabiberim’, gave an enthusiastic concert with his dancers and orchestra team. The famous name said, “There is a very large audience here today. I liked it very much, I will never forget my Malatya concert, there is a great audience.”


Serdar Ortaç, who is often in trouble with his fans, cursed the bad people who came into his life and harmed him. Expressing that blonde women always enter his life, popçu said, “My mother always used to say; ‘Brunette girls are very beautiful’. My girlfriends have always been blonde, and my wife was blonde too. Now I want to marry a dark-haired girl,” he said.

To those who came to watch the concert, “Who among you is crazy and depressed like me?” The artist, who directed the question, expressed his surprise by saying “Wow, there is no smart man left” when many people in the area raised their hands.