THE sacrifices, social injustices, the desire for revenge. Three elements which, put together, constitute the backbone of I’ll start over with myself, movie airing tonight at 9.45pm on Channel 5. The protagonist, a strong-willed one Jennifer Lopez in the role of a woman crushed by life, who, faced with yet another wrong, decides to give herself a new chance. In the castalso Vanessa Hudgens and Treat Williams.

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    I’ll start over with myselfthe plot of the movie

    Directed by Peter Segaldirector among others of 50 first kiss timesthe story revolves around the life of Maya Vargas (Jennifer Lopez), a forty-year-old woman from the not simple experience. As a teenager she had to drop out of school to start working and at seventeen she gave up for adoption the daughter to ensure a better future for you.

    The sense of dissatisfaction reaches its peak when he doesn’t get a promotion he worked hard for. He understands that without a degree he will not be able to make a career. A little big failure she has to live with. Joan (Leah Remini)her best friend, with the help of her computer-savvy son, prepares a fake resume.

    The goal is to get her to be hired by Franklin & Clarke, a popular cosmetics company run by Anderson Clarke (Treat Williams). Maya is initially reluctant to carry out Joan’s plan and pass herself off as what she is not. Subsequently, she interprets her friend’s initiative as a second chance, a kind of good-natured ploy to demonstrate his abilitiesregardless of the piece of paper.

    Jennifer Lopez is Maya Vargas in the movie “I Start Again”. (GettyImages)

    The discovery of Maya and Zoe

    With a resume littered with completely made-up personal experiences and titles, he starts working at Franklin & Clarke as a consultant. Here he knows Zoe (Vanessa Hudgens), daughter and trusted collaborator of Anderson Clarke. The latter organizes a challenge between two teams to fine-tune a new product to be launched on the market.

    To lead the two working groups are Maya and Zoe. Obviouslyand Zoe has the company’s brightest resources at her disposal, most notably Ron Ebsen (Freddie Stroma)an ambitious and unpleasant man. Maya, on the other hand, can only rely on the invisible. It is about Chase (Alan Aisenberg)a chemist moved to the company’s basement after an unsuccessful experiment, e Ariana (Charlyne Yi)a woman victim of multiple phobias.

    Despite the competition, Maya and Zoe manage to establish a civil relationship, until they become accomplices. A natural complicity, which will lead to a disconcerting discovery: Zoe is the daughter that Maya, twenty-three years earlier, gave up for adoption.

    Maya’s unexpected success and the possibility of a better future

    The strange and unpredictable turns of fate make Maya regain a sense of gratitude and serenity that she had lost. Despite the difficult choice she made when she was still a girl, she doesn’t regret it because she is satisfied with the comfortable life that Zoe has been able to have.

    The race progresses and Maya works hard to ensure that her place at Franklin & Clarke is not challenged. His commitment does not go unnoticed, especially in Anderson’s eyes, who begins to show interest in him.

    The scenario is clear enough: the newcomer has an edge and risks compromising the position of the other group, especially Ron. He, annoyed by Clarke’s attention to Maya, begins to investigate the woman’s private lifein the hope of finding some unspeakable secret and, therefore, discredit it in the eyes of the boss.

    In the meantime, tests on new products continue. Maya, with the help of her team, invents a completely natural body cream, thanks to ginkgo seeds. Anderson is impressed by the woman’s creativity and decides to hire her. Plus, he wants her to present the cream to the press.

    Jennifer Lopez and Vanessa Hudgens in 2018 in New York on the occasion of the premiere of “Ricomincio da me”. (GettyImages)

    The ending of I’ll start over with myself

    Faced with the great possibility that is offered to her, Maya is torn between personal satisfaction and fairness towards others. He therefore decides to confess the trick used to access the company. She explains that she did it because she was driven by the desire to indulge a second chance after the sacrifices made when he was still very young.

    Anderson Clarke forgives heras do new colleagues. Zoe, on the other hand, is of a completely different opinion. Between the two there is a gap that seems unbridgeable, especially when the girl leaves for London. But in London she attends the art school she left earlier and is a first step towards reconnecting with Maya.

    In fact, it was she who advised them to resume their studies. Later, once she graduated, Zoe returns to the United States and is ready to embark on a relationship with Maya. Therefore, all is well what ends well. A romantic comedy-style finale, where good feelings triumph.