On Thursday he returned from his annual visit to Papua. With a good feeling, he said in the Radio Drenthe program Cassata. He does small projects there, but also visits the water company that the WMD once set up there every year. His son Mark sees that there is water everywhere in the city, so it wasn’t all for nothing. He does not want to judge the money it cost. From a humanitarian point of view, he considers it a successful project.

    “I went to the water company with my father. The staff is motivated and goes out every day,” he says. “You see all over the city that there is water and people are paying for it too – because the water is flowing.” He sees a lot of improvement compared to the stories his father used to tell.

    Weggemans continues to support the inhabitants of Biak. “They are very nice, dear people. They don’t just let you down, you don’t.” He now supports small-scale projects, but also visits the water company every year. “I check the city, everywhere I walk, to see if there is water coming out of the tap.”

    If you want to know more about Weggemans’ journey, you can: the blog see.