“I haven’t done anything wrong”

Vähkä’s trial begins today, September 19.

Artist Lauri Tähkänproperly named Jarkko Suon, the sexual crime charge is being heard today in the district court of Kanta-Häme. The court session starts at 9 o’clock.

Forced to commit a sexual act is a crime. Cob was charged in June. According to the district court, the events of the indictment took place on October 28, 2022 in Hämeenlinna.

According to information from Iltalehti, the artist had a gig in Jyväskylä on that day. Instead, Tähkä had a gig in Hämeenlinna the day before, i.e. October 27.

Tähkä denied the charges in an email to Iltalehti in June.

Iltalehti is on site at the district court.

The singer arrived at the court feeling anxious and with a serious expression on his face. Sonja Saarinen

Cob’s comment

Tähkä briefly commented on his thoughts to the media before the trial.

– It feels really bad. I haven’t done anything wrong, Tähkä says firmly.

Tähkä does not comment on whether the indictment and trial have affected his gigs. He also sidesteps the question of contesting the case.

Tähka, who is awaiting trial, is asked a couple more questions, which he answers before the courtroom doors open.

How are you looking forward to the processing day?

– It feels really bad. I haven’t done anything wrong, Tähkä denies again.

Are you confident that justice will be done?

– Now is the day of the trial and we are trying to focus on that, the legal assistant answers.

The media and the public were initially allowed to enter the hall, but after a while the media were asked to leave the hall. The doors closed and the trial begins.

Cob in the courtroom. Sonja Saarinen

Stähka has his own film crew with him in court. Sonja Saarinen

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