‘I get a lot of satisfaction from my work’


‘I do a lot of different things. I am brand and communications strategist, now for five different clients. For example, I help various municipalities recruit and reach young people for training programs in which they can develop their talents. And soon I will be working for a company that wants to reduce energy consumption in social housing.

“I am very happy that I found these jobs. I previously worked for more commercial companies, but these special projects suit me better. My current jobs contribute to something and help people at a turning point in their lives to get a push in the right direction.

“In addition to my marketing work, I am the director of a journalistic art magazine in Argentina, where I lived for seven years, and a part-time artist. That also started when I lived in Argentina. I always liked painting and drawing, but I only really got into it when I met my ex, a professional artist, and I often started working in his studio. As soon as I have a few hours, I will be in my studio in Schiedam.

“Living from art is not easy. In Argentina it is difficult to sell works because the economy is very bad, in the Netherlands you have to work full-time and have lived here for a year to qualify for funds, for example. That doesn’t work for me, because I’ve only been back for three months. Fortunately, I really enjoy the combination of work and artistry, I also get a lot of satisfaction from my work.”


‘The beginning of this year was difficult. I came back to Europe, first to Lisbon and Barcelona, ​​and suddenly had to pay European bills. I had just finished a few projects and discovered that I had never really done any acquisitions. Then I thought: shit, this is what freelance life can be like.

“I ended up living off my savings account for four months. Fortunately that was possible. In Argentina I also worked for Dutch clients, while living costs are much lower there. This way I was able to save a lot. Now I know that it is super important to have a buffer. I am also very conscious about my expenses. That’s not down to the cent, but I do think a long time before I buy clothes, for example, and I don’t often go out to eat. I prefer to cook at home with friends.

“I do think it is important to invest in courses. For example, I have been learning about UX design for six months now, through a school in Barcelona. And I prefer to spend my money on clay and other materials.”