Sampo Kaulanen and Veltto Virtanen measured each other in a duel.

    Psychologist and ex-MP Pertti “Veltto” Virtanen was the first to drop Farm from Finland. Village merchant Sampo Kaulanen fought with Velto for the next place.

    Sampo and Veltto had to hold buckets of water in their hands. The first one to drop the bucket had to say goodbye to the other competitors. Velto’s strength ran out and he had to leave the farm.

    – Yes, I will admit my defeat here. It was honorable to lose in this way and not try a little with a weaker opponent, Veltto stated after falling.

    Veltto Virtanen and Sampo Kaulanen faced each other in a duel. Alpertti Rieskjarvi Ruoste Productions, Nelonen

    – This was a tough start for me and it started to feel especially physically.

    However, the man took his fall calmly. He was relieved that there was no scheming between the competitors yet.

    – This was a good moment to leave now, because it’s great to return home. We had to be here for a surprisingly long time and got a good starting shot for training and mushrooming at home, Veltto told the cameras.

    Veltto handed over his knife to presenter Susanna Lainee. Alpertti Rieskjarvi Ruoste Productions, Nelonen

    Although Velto’s journey in the program ended in a short one, he had time to arouse strong emotions in his fellow contestants. Miss Finland Essi Unkuri revealed on the Farmi podcast that Velto’s use of language was often inappropriate.

    – Quite a few times, Veltsu made quite tactless comments, Essi said.

    The competition continues

    The fallen competitor gets to choose the next pehtoor. Previously worked as a supervisor Antonio Flores.

    11 people known from the public continue to work at the farm. During the season, they come to the game to shuffle the deck Henny Harjusola mixed Janne Ahonen. One of them claims the 30,000 euro jackpot.

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