Gerard Joling would like a love partner who is older than 29 years, because he considers equality in a relationship important. “I really have too much life experience for under 30.”

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    Where Gordon hooks up a new young man just about every season, we never see Gerard Joling with a guy by his side. “Of course quite a few boyfriends have passed over the past few years, but I’m not the type to immediately cross the red carpet with that, as you know,” he says in the Weekend.

    For fame

    Gerard does not immediately throw those gentlemen on Instagram, as his former colleague does. “Not that anyway,” says the singer, who says he will notice right away if someone wants to date him for the fame.

    Yet Gordon often stays together with such a guy for several months, but Gerard seems to like one-night stands. “I immediately feel what someone’s intention is, and sometimes, if it’s really fun, it can also be about me. Then I don’t mind, as long as I have a nice evening, haha!”

    29 years

    In which age category is Gerard actually looking? “I do have an age limit, I think under 30 is really too young, I have too much life experience for that. Then something goes wrong somewhere, I see that happening around me too. You have to be on the same level.”

    Gerard is not only looking for level, but also some mental equivalence. “Only, an older straight man likes to look at a young girl, that also applies to us with young boys, of course.”