Burgermen Akseli Herlevi and Ossi Lahtinen traveled for a month in North America filming the new season.

    Akseli Herlevin and Ossi Lahtinen piloted by the new season of the popular series Burgerimiehet, this time the men will go to North America to taste new flavors and experience unprecedented experiences.

    The description of the program says that the Burgermen eat everything that comes in front of them and cook the rest themselves. In reality, however, the men do not eat all the dishes they order themselves, but after the TV cameras are turned off, the background team is ready to enjoy their share of the dishes.

    – Sometimes we order dishes with them in mind, so that they can taste them too, Ossi says.

    Meals are rarely disappointing, because as professionals in the food industry, the two research carefully in advance where they stop to photograph their meals.

    This time, the Burgerimiete were on the road for a good month. Pete Anikari

    Still, the food circle also contained portions that were inferior in the men’s opinion. On the road, the duo often had to stop at a gas station, whose selections amazed their friends.

    – As a rule, it’s terrible everywhere, it’s hard to find anything fresh. Just nonsense, Ossi recalls.

    Akseli continues by wondering how the whole country is built so that it can be traveled from end to end by car, but the food at the gas stations was inferior.

    – There wasn’t even a slice of tomato between the bread, no vegetables. Just mayonnaise, deep-fried, white bread, chips and lemonade, he says.

    The food at the service stations was not to the liking of the men. Pete Anikari

    Seasick photographer

    On the way, Akseli was able to realize his long-time dream of catching tuna. It was close that the experience would not have been successful under the pressure of the schedule.

    – Finally we got to the ocean to fish for tuna, it was pretty cool.

    However, the film crew’s trip on the ship was unlucky, as one of the two cameramen became seasick with seasickness.

    – That boat got hit by a storm and it turned out that the cameraman was seasick. He had never been on a ship like that before so he didn’t know it beforehand either. It was completely out of the game.

    However, one of the cameramen was used to the island mood, so he took care of filming while the other had to rest himself in the heat.

    Burgerimieut in North America starts on Thursday, April 6 at Nelose. See all TV programs and broadcast times in Telku’s TV guide.