HV Volendam loses first clash for national title against Lions

It was very exciting, but HV Volendam just fell short against Lions this afternoon. The first game in the play-offs for the national championship was narrowly lost: 28-25. The score in the best of three series is 1-0 for the Limburgers.

A quick deficit for Volendam was quickly turned around via Jordy Baijens (two hits) and Tim Roefs: 3-1. The Limburgers came alongside again, but Volendam kept a comfortable margin of three points for most of the first half.

That was mainly thanks to goalkeeper Evan de Lange. The eighteen-year-old distinguished himself with very good saves. In the final phase of the first half, the biggest difference was achieved by Volendam with four points, 9-13, but Lions came back after all (11-13). With that, the peace was also entered.

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The initial phase of the second half was fairly identical to the first, as Volendam took a four-point lead (13-17). However, the hosts shifted up a gear and came back to level with Volendam: 17-17. A ball hit the crossbar and the visitors got away well.

There was a period with a penny change, in which it remained unusually exciting until the end. With a score of 27-25, Volendam missed a free ball. That turned out to be the final blow and Lions won the first clash in the play-offs (28-25).

The score in the best of three series is 1-0 for the Limburgers. The return is next Sunday in Volendam.