Huvila & Huussi program experts reveal which item made the entire working group cry

Certain items of the Huvila & Huussi program have been especially well remembered by the program’s experts.

In the Huvila & Huussi series, a huge number of Finnish villas and huussi have been revived over the years. Four

In the second episode of Huvila & Huussi – the best renovations, the experts recall the most memorable renovation projects over the years and the funniest guys they have done renovations for.

In Monday’s episode of the program, the subject will be discussed, among other things, which object’s revelation was so moving that, in addition to the cottagers, the entire work group burst into tears.

Host’s cottage

Huvila & Huuss’s 11th season interior architect Mikko Vesanen and interior design coordinator Vilja Schepel made a spectacular change in the host of Morning Milk Tinni Wikström and his Mmm-at his mother’s cottage. Even in retrospect, the program’s working group fondly remembers Tinni and her mother.

– We had the whole production team cry at the reveal when they were so wonderful! Vilja states in the episode.

Vilja, Mikko and Anni Ihamäki watch the video for a moment when Tinni and Memmu see the change for the first time.

– Tinni was very nervous, Mikko recalls in the program.

Tinni also becomes sensitive when she sees a borehole that has appeared on the plot.

– Only a Finnish woman can cry because of a borehole, that’s how Tinni cried, Vilja reveals.

– It was great, Mikko laughs.

– You were really happy and the target guys Tinni and Memmu were happy, Anni summarizes.

– It carried for a long time, and it still carries, Vilja smiles.

Huvila & Huussi – the best renovations on Mondays at 8 pm on Nelose and Ruudu. You can find all program information at Telku.