He enters and in 13 minutes he closes a spectacular match. Conte’s Spurs together with City climb to the top of the standings with 17 points

    Undefeated. And with Son returned phenomenon. Antonio Conte’s Tottenham arrives at the national break, overwhelming Leicester 6-2 at home, with the South Korean starting from the bench for the first time who finds his first goals of the season with a splendid hat-trick in 13 ‘. They know of liberation, for last year’s top scorer who had started very badly. And they unleash the party of the Spurs, who close the first part of the Premier without defeat, as only Guardiola’s City has been able to do, and with the English champions they rise to the top of the standings with 17 points, waiting for Arsenal on Sunday at 13 Italians at Brentford. Leicester, on the other hand, is sadly last, in the sixth defeat in a row and the only team against Everton (which however plays on Sunday with West Ham) still unsuccessful. The times of the miracle team seem a long way off.

    Found again

    Tottenham Stadium gave Son a louder ovation than those he had bestowed on Kane, Dier and Bentancur, the authors of the other goals. Because the South Korean visibly suffered from this unexpected abstinence: the first goal, celebrated almost in tears as if to internalize what was happening well, unlocked him. It was the one of 4-2, but Sonny wanted to continue to enchant. And after the break Conte finds one of his pillars again. The victory against Leicester is deserved, even if in the first half closed at 2-2 Tottenham struggled, due to their own mistakes and merits of Rodgers’ team, much stronger than the last place in the standings. The Spurs won because the attack is the best side of Conte’s team, a phenomenal department in which the coach can keep Son out because he knows that from Richarlison he will have the same commitment and flexibility. The defense, which as in Lisbon concedes two goals, is the department to work on, despite Dier. For Leicester, who have the advantage first after just 6 ‘, it is another disaster that only complicates a very difficult situation. Rodgers ‘team held out for a while, paying off in the second half both Son’s determination to leave the difficult moment behind, and the inadequacy of Rodgers’ team. We need to change course, and quickly, because not only does it not work but it risks getting even worse.

    The match

    Start to take your breath away. At 4 ‘Sanchez knocks out Justin who has one foot on the area line: penalty. Lloris saved, but for the referee he moved too soon and Tielemans hit the target on the second attempt. At 8 ‘, two minutes later, Kane with a header equalized, collecting a cross from Kulusevski at the far post. Dier makes Spurs 2-1 on 21 ‘, always with a header, thanks to a poisonous corner from Perisic. Tottenham in the 27th minute would also make the third, always on a corner, but the referee sees a foul by Sanchez on Ward outgoing and cancels. Leicester slowly rises and makes 2-2 with a nice turn from Maddison. The Spurs respond immediately, but Ward overcomes and deflects Sanchez’s header to the crossbar, sealing the result at the end of a sparkling first half at 2-2. How sparkling the start of the second half is, with Bentancur’s 3-2 in the 2 ‘, with a nice precise right after having uprooted the ball from Ndidi’s feet. Lloris saves Tottenham on several occasions, Conte changes and also launches Son, who in the 73rd minute breaks his goal fast with a splendid right at the crossroads for the 4-2. The goal, which the team mates celebrate with a long hug to the South Korean, opens Pandora’s box. Because Son goes wild and signs a hat-trick in 13 ‘, hitting the spot in the 84th minute with a splendid left-footed shot and two minutes later putting Ward on the break. It’s the perfect ending. from our correspondent.