Hundreds of protesters against Koran burning break through fences around Drafbaan Groningen, Pegida cancels action

On the Drafbaan in Groningen a Koran burning was announced by anti-Islam movement Pegida. Hundreds of counter-protesters are on their feet because of the call, who have already broken through the fences around the Drafbaan. Pegida had not counted on so much opposition, so the organization decided not to come to Groningen at all.

The anti-Islam group wanted to burn a Koran at 6 p.m. as a protest. A large number of counter-protesters gathered at the site, which was closed off with fences. Moments later, the group of counter-protesters decided to force the entrance gate. They thought they saw three followers of Pegida, but it turned out to be employees of the municipality.

During the action, agents and employees of the municipality were pelted with eggs and heavy fireworks were set off. Pegida has called off the action and is not on site. The mayor has officially banned the demonstration because of the turnout.