A fire broke out on a farm on the Weerscheut in Vinkel on Tuesday afternoon. The fire is raging in a goat shed where seven hundred goats were kept. A large part of them died from the flames and smoke development.

    The fire broke out around four o’clock in the afternoon in an attached shed. The owner discovered that himself. The fire broke out in the right part, which was used for the storage of hay and fodder. On the other hand, the goats were kept and milk was stored.

    The fire brigade quickly scaled up to a medium-sized fire and received support from the fire brigades from Geffen, Oss, Heesch, Rosmalen and Erp. The signal for fire has now been given, but the fire brigade is still working for hours to put out the fire.

    There were a total of seven hundred goats in the stable. Many of them died immediately. A number of goats are still alive and have even walked outside. But the emergency services assume that those animals will also die from injuries, smoke inhalation and stress.

    The fire caused large clouds of smoke that could be seen for miles around. Because the smoke reached over the A59 in the direction of Oss, there was a traffic jam for some time.