Hummels engages in a war of words with TV experts

It was the scene that ultimately cost BVB their victory. Mats Hummels’ foul, which led to the 1-1 draw for Eindhoven, heated up emotions even after the game.

The draw in Eindhoven was a lucky result for BVB, who were weak that evening. And yet the current fourth-placed team in the Bundesliga had to be annoyed that they didn’t leave the field as winners.

Reason for BVB’s frustration: The penalty that made it 1-1 in the 56th minute.

What happened? National player Mats Hummels went into a duel against Eindhoven’s Malik Tillman in his own penalty area with his leg stretched out – and clearly played the ball. Nevertheless, referee Srdjan Jovanovic pointed to the spot because the central defender cleared his opponent with his rude attack. A tricky, controversial decision that also caused discussions and anger after the game – especially among Hummels himself.

Hummels was angry: “They were laughing their heads off on the pitch

“That’s zero percent penalty for me. I slide in, clearly play the ball first, change the path. Then catch it just a little bit. We’re in football, I’m sorry – zero percent penalty,” is how he clearly assesses angry Dortmunders at the microphone on Prime Video.

Hummels continues. “The Tillman, the Bakayoko – they were laughing their heads off on the pitch, they were all grinning at me for minutes. The second ridiculous penalty after the Paris game, which we have already conceded,” was the defender’s clear opinion.

Wolfgang Stark, referee expert at Prime Video, however, was of the opinion that the penalty could be awarded. “He’s taking a big risk with the tackle. He just hits it with the other foot, with his trailing leg.

A small verbal battle developed, as Hummels immediately intervened verbally. “Oh no, professional football,” was the national player’s answer, but Stark was undeterred. “You can give the penalty, it’s nothing for the VAR. But I think I probably wouldn’t have given it.”

Hummels, in turn, had an answer ready: “That’s an explanation that can only come from the rule book and not from professional football. I’m sorry, but that’s not a penalty. With all my love.”

The national player even went a little further: “We are on the completely wrong path. I have the feeling that the VAR has made the referee worse.”