Humiliating results for Finland’s medal hope – Here are the Leijonat & sheep of the national athletics team

Iltalehti analyzes the performances of the athletes who are part of Team Finland, the first coaching group of the Sports Confederation, in the 2023 season.

Wilma Murto

EC gold in indoor track season and WC bronze in outdoor track season. Victory in the Diamond League from London. The season’s best result of 480 is five cents short of the summer 2022 record. It froze a little after the World Cup.

Aku Bearden

The walker’s transfer to 20 kilometers was successful. Improved the Finnish record twice during the summer, the latter performance of 1:18.22 resulted in sixth place at the World Championships in Budapest.

Reetta Hurske

EC gold in the 60-meter hurdles in the hall. At the beginning of June in Jyväskylä, the new SE 12.70 for the 100-meter fences. Pajatso was empty and the best 12.85 made it to the end of the season.

Oliver Helander

The best season of my career when I stayed healthy and was able to carry out the competition program as planned. In the downwind of Turku, the best result of the season is 87.32. Average result of the season in 10 competitions 83.49 meters. Third in the Diamond League final and seventh in the World Championships.

Silja Kosonen

A fierce competitor, even though he is only 20 years old. Fifth at the World Championships with his best result of the season (74.19). Gold from the U23 European Championships in Espoo (73.71). The spike throw was missed.

Saga Vanninen

Hit his record score (6,391) in May. The result is the ninth in the world statistics this season. The same ranking came from the MM-Budapest. Won the U23 EC gold in July.

Viivi Lehikoinen

Finnish record in 400 meter hurdles (54.40). A place in the semi-finals in Budapest. Gets tougher at the end of the runs – and the tougher atmosphere was also due to missing the match against Sweden.

Camilla Richardson

The salon-eligible 10,000 meters SE 31.12.78 is ranked 28th in the season’s world statistics and eighth in the European statistics. Fifteenth in the World Championships in his main journey.

Eveliina Määttänen

Very Finnish developed of the season. Of course, it’s understandable, because it didn’t move to 800 meters until the 2020s. Finished under two minutes twice and set his record 1:59.81 in the MM semi-final.

Suvi Koskinen

Kauhajoki’s moukarinainin hit 70 meters in seven competitions, and at her best, a four-kilogram leka flew 71.10. EC final level.

Alisa Vainio

In February in Seville, the marathoner who shuns the public made SE of the sport he loves in 2:27,26. In Budapäts, in 22nd place (2.32,14) and the third best European – of course, a large number of the best in Europe were missing.

Samuli Samuelsson

Finland’s record is always Finland’s record, even though the result of 10.12 in the world’s most competitive track and field event, 10.12, qualified for 110th place on the world list and 16th place in Europe.

Sara Lappalainen (formerly Kuivisto)

The SE woman of 800 and 1,500 meters got a victory in the summer of 2023, considering the violent cycle of health problems. Two SM golds and two victories in the Sweden match.

Lassi Etelätalo

Stretched again. With his last throw of the season, he won the match in Sweden (83.42) and broke the European Championship limit for next summer. Heel and gluteal muscle injuries ruined the summer 2022 EC bronze medalist’s final race of the 2023 season without counting.

Toni Kuusela

Kuti stayed a little bit in the barrel. The average score of 81.02 in nine races and the season’s best 84.37 (thirteenth on the world list) that came in the winds of Pihtiputaa do not “compensate” for the disappointment of the World Championships. Claimed a medal in Hungary, qualified for the final.

Krista Tervo

The summer of 2023 of Moukarinheito’s SE woman (74.40) would have been a total pancake without the handsome curve of the Sweden match 73.09. In thirteen other races, only once over 70 meters.

Joonas Rinne

The little guy talked, talked and beat his own records at 800 (1.45.88) and 1,500 meters (3.37.65), but softened in many tactical runs (among other things at the World Championships) when the “big result” was touchingly close.

Aleksi Ojala

In the 10,000-meter track walk, she won in the Sweden match with her own record (39:53.09), but in the main distance, in the 35-kilometer road walk, the Championship and World Championships went wrong.

Vesa Pöppönen / All Over Press

Nooralotta Neziri

After injuries in 2022, he only got back to sport training in the spring of 2023. The season’s best speed hurdle result of 13.04 is 23 hundredths weaker than the 2016 record.

Vesa Pöppönen / All Over Press

Annimari Korte

Health problems persisted throughout the season. The best result of 12.83 ranks 47th in the world and 12th in Europe.

Kristiina Halonen

The summer 2022 WC and EC visitor froze. The top times of the season in the 400 meter hurdles (57.00 and 57.01) are only the seventh and eighth best of the career.

Ella Junnila

In a certain way, he got over the downhill that has continued since the summer of 2021, when he reached the height final (189 centimeters) in the tame World Cup qualification. The potential is still flowing through the fingers. The season’s best result of 192 is only the ninth highest result of his career.

Elina Lampela

The record 456 cents set in PNG promised more than it ultimately delivered. The potential to jump on was 460. The average result was 443 cents.

Samuel Purola

The sprinter only competed in 200 meters. The going showed that the handbrake was on, because the run lacked relaxation. 20.75 is the fourth best result of his career and is three tenths short of the record.

Vesa Pöppönen / All Over Press

Lotta Kemppinen

The 60-meter EC medalist of the 2021 indoor games was sidelined for the 2022 season due to injury. Made 2023 a decent comeback, when satanen moved within seven hundredths of the record at best (11.40).

Tuomas Seppänen

The going of the 37-year-old moukari veteran freezes. The season’s best result of 73.43 does not fit into the list of the top ten throws of a career and it is three meters short of the record. A nationally stable competitor. Took the 10th SM silver of his career.

Urho Kujanpää

Seiväsmies was waiting for a level up, but he didn’t get it. Once over 560 cents, but the season’s average result of 535 cents was tame.

Vesa Pöppönen / All Over Press

Elmo Lakka

The career of the 30-year-old fast-tracker is stagnant. One flash (13.43) in Lappeenranta, but otherwise quiet. Out again in the value races after the heat.

Top Raitanen

The season started with a ton-beat record, but then drifted into overload mode. PNG and the World Cup became a stomach ache. Should I change the coach?

Tommi Holttinen

Seiväsmies was in the World and European Championships in 2022, but in the summer of 2023, he was badly on the moon. Put the paddles in the bag after the Kaleva Games stomach fall (515 cents).

Kristiina Mäkelä

The weakest season of my career in terms of results since 2017. The average result of the five best races was 13.82 meters, while it was 14.40 meters the year before.

Senni Salminen

Mental challenges during the summer. The peak performance of 14.03 is ranked 32nd on the world list, but my own record is more than half a meter. Would coaching changes help?

Salla Sipponen

The season of the discus thrower from Pirkkala turned into a shoemaker. The longest arc of 58.07 does not fit into the list of the ten longest slices of the career.

Simo Lipsanen

The career of Loika’s SE man (17.14) is in sharp decline. After health challenges, I only got to compete in July. The 16.68 in the opening race was a satisfactory result, but the 15.83 in the Sweden match, for example, was downright miserable.

Kristian Pulli

The average of the top ten jumps of the career is 808 centimeters. The average result for the 2023 season was 766 cents. SE result is 827 cents. The best result of the 2023 season was 785 cents.

Aaron Kangas

In 2020, rose to the forefront of the world. Leka flew at his best 79.05 and the season’s average result was 76.35. Finland’s former medal hope saw humiliating results in 2023, when the season’s best was 75.74 and the average result was 73.26 meters.

Tomi Natri / All Over Press

Henri Liipola

Another moukari ring collapser. Has thrown over 75 meters four times and over 74 meters 11 times in his career. The season’s best was 72.23. Nine times in the 16 competitions of the season, it was less than 70 meters.

No assessment

Mary Huntington

Ottelija focused, for example, on social media and put the spikes on the nail in the middle of the season.

Mikko Paavola

The pole vaulter was injured during the reign and could only compete in the Kaleva Games.

Sara Killinen

The shot putter studying in the USA suffered from health challenges and competed only once during the European summer months.