Humberto Tan with conspiracy theory about Quincy Promes arrest

Humberto Tan thinks that there could be more behind the arrest of Quincy Promes in the emirate of Dubai. “Maybe it’s a bit conspiratorial, but…”


Quincy Promes was sentenced to six years in prison in the Netherlands two weeks ago, but is hiding in Russia, where he plays football for Spartak Moscow. Well, he’s currently stuck in Dubai. He was at a training camp there, but he was stopped at the airport for a local traffic violation. And now the Public Prosecution Service has asked to extradite him.

A bit laconic

How is Russia responding to this? RTL News correspondent Olaf Koens talks at the table Humberto: “A bit laconic, actually. His team flew back to Moscow. He was not allowed on board. It was unclear why at the beginning.”

“Well, apparently he was involved in a car accident and drove off. His team now says: ‘He probably won’t be at the next training session’, and that means he will be suspended and fined.”

Conspiracy theory

If Russia responds laconically, is there anything more to it? Host Humberto Tan does not rule it out. “I have a strange feeling about this matter, because Spartak Moscow has already gone abroad a few times. Quincy Promes never went along, because they knew the risk.”

“Now he’s suddenly coming along… Maybe it’s a bit of a conspiracy, but now he’s suddenly coming along, he’s suddenly in a car accident and he can be extradited… I almost think they want to get rid of him.”

Weird way

Olaf doesn’t really believe in that. “That would be a very strange way to get rid of him. You can also just cancel a contract and then he has to sort it out. He is of course an incredible criminal.”

“What I do understand is that he is apparently free again. He is not allowed to leave Dubai and now the Netherlands must of course do its very best diplomatically to extradite that man.”

Tough luck

Humberto then makes a link with the extradited top criminal Ridouan Taghi. “There is another person who has just been convicted and comes from Dubai. You can’t really compare that, but…”

Olaf: “We did get them extradited before this treaty came into effect. So there is a good chance. If you are stupid enough to go on holiday in Dubai knowing you are being looked for… Tough luck.”