Six years after the leak of his extramarital affair with Dionne Stax, Humberto Tan is in danger of being discredited again. According to Yvonne Coldeweijer, there will be juice about him.

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    It was a huge shock to many viewers in 2017: Humberto Tan, until then known as a celebrated family man, turned out to be cheating on his wife Ineke with NPO star Dionne Stax. It has damaged the presenter enormously, because not much later his talk show RTL Late Night was taken off the tube due to collapsed viewing figures.

    Call Humberto

    Will Humberto now face another publicity drama? Yvonne Coldeweijer seems to hint at it in the latest episode of her podcast The Juice Show. It is about hearing both sides of celebrities.

    Yvonne doesn’t actually do that because she thinks it’s pointless, but: “I want to call someone about something now. So I actually want to ask Humberto Tan something, but I already know: he will of course never respond.”

    “He’s not happy!”

    Co-host Mark Koster: “I don’t know. I think he is open to that. Last year was of course the big affair between him and Albert Verlinde, because he had not heard back from him. I advise you to definitely do it.”

    Yvonne: “Hmm okay.”

    Mark: “And he’s very nice, I can tell you.”

    Yvonne: “Well, not anymore when he hears what I want to bring. haha.”

    Mark: “Okay, but that’s my advice.”

    Stored on ice

    In the case of Humberto, Yvonne had better prepare well, because he doesn’t just let everything be said about him. Last year he filed a report against Albert Verlinde.

    Albert wrongly linked Humberto to transgressive behavior in the television world and that ultimately resulted in a fine for the showbiz connoisseur.