Humberto Tan comes under heavy fire from the Story. The magazine states that the presenter appears to be a ‘slum lord’ and that he ‘benefits’ from the housing shortage in Amsterdam.

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    For years he was the celebrated man of the late night: Humberto Tan. The affair with Dionne Stax threw a spanner in the works, but nowadays he is back on the channel with his own talk show. Not on weekdays, but on weekends. And with varying degrees of success: the Saturday edition unfortunately scored so disappointingly that RTL 4 has now stopped doing so.

    2,100 euros

    All in all, Humberto’s TV career has been going in fits and starts in recent years, according to the Story. Yet, according to the magazine, he does not have to worry about finances, because together with his ex-lover Ineke Geenen, he also owns ‘several buildings’ in Amsterdam in addition to their former family villa.

    According to the Story, Humberto cashes ‘quite loose’. “The apartment of 61 square meters appears to be rented from mid-February for no less than 2,100 euros per month!”

    Politically correct

    It earns Humberto a hefty reprimand. Humberto will certainly be happy with this monthly bonus, perhaps a little less with the leaking of his rental activities.

    The magazine continues: “After all, it does not look good on the politically correct presenter that he uses the extreme housing shortage in Amsterdam to make a financial profit himself.”

    “Peacock too!”

    The headline of the leaf does not lie. “Presenter benefits from housing shortage: Humberto Tan turns out to be a slum lord.”

    According to the Story, it is hypocritical because ‘at talk show tables’ the alarm is always sounded about the housing shortage. Another ‘who is guilty of this’ is Jeroen Pauw, the magazine knows.

    Jeroen rents out his second home in the center of Amsterdam for 2,200 euros per month.