By changing the language of the Netflix streaming service from Finnish to English, the amount of content increases by more than a thousand.

    More than 1,400 works will be added to Netflix when you change the language from Finnish to English. PDO

    The streaming service Netflix advertises itself in Finland as a service with “unlimited movies, series and much more”.

    – There is always something new to discover, because new series and movies are added every week! It says on Netflix’s website.

    An expert in streaming services Ville Salminen however, noticed that this is not the case. The Finnish-language Netflix service has a considerably more limited number of things to watch than, for example, the English-language service.

    Salminen tells Iltalehti that he came to think about it after his friend’s spouse had watched Netflix programs in Finland from the English-language service, because he does not speak Finnish as his mother tongue.

    – At lunch, we wondered why a certain movie that this person is watching does not appear in the selection of my site. I realized that it can only be seen if you change the Netflix language, Salminen recalls to Iltalehti.

    The Oscar winner is also missing

    On behalf of his website, Salminen has actively followed the development of Netflix’s selection. But why is there more content in, for example, English than Finnish? Salmis doesn’t have a definite answer, but there are guesses.

    – The selection has grown tremendously. A lot of eastern content, for example Indian movies, has entered Netflix. I think that Netflix has all the rights to show the content in question in Finland as well, but for one reason or another it just isn’t translated into Finnish. Or do we even want to translate, Salminen ponders.

    The RRR film was awarded at the Oscar gala held on March 12. PDO

    Salminen says that he noticed that he recently won the Oscar for best film song RRR-film is also in the selection of English-language Netflix.

    – Of course, it is special that there is also an Oscar-winning film there, which has not yet been translated into Finnish. You’d think it would be pretty high on the priority list, he continues.

    According to the Vertaaliittymiä.fi website run by Salminen, there are more than 6,000 movies and series available on Finnish Netflix.

    By changing the language from Finnish to English, more than 1400 works will be added to the content.