Huhkaji’s fateful moment: Here is the horror scenario of the draw

Finland is participating in the draw for the European Championship further qualification, which starts at 1:00 p.m.

Uefa is used to organizing football draws in its own living room in Nyon, Switzerland. PDO

Thursday is a fateful day for Finland.

Futsin’s men’s A national team is participating in the draw held in Nyon, Switzerland, where the program for further qualification of the EC final tournament of the sport is locked.

Of the 24 countries participating in the tournament, 21 have now been confirmed. The remaining three will be decided next March in three separate mini-tournaments – or “path” according to UEFA’s terminology.

The most exciting moment is felt at the beginning of the event, which starts at 1:00 p.m., because Huuhkajat is one of the three options for the A path of the EC further qualification. That would be the horror scenario of the lottery for Finns.

For the Huskies, snapping the teddy bear would mean facing rock-hard Wales in the first part of the qualifiers in Cardiff.

And even if the Dragons fall, they would probably face even more difficult Poland in the finals.

Thumbs up

Teemu Puki is expected to score goals in the further qualification in March. KIMMO BRANDT / AOP

Finland’s supporters should keep their fingers crossed that the draw will be favorable and Huuhkajat will be able to continue on the B path that belongs to it.

Then the fans would expect a familiar away trip to Zenica, where Bosnia and Herzegovina can also expect Finland. The teams have met in both the previous World Cup and the preceding European Championship qualifiers.

The wins over Zenica are promisingly equal 1–1.

If Finland were to go to Cardiff, Ukraine would travel to Zenica.

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European Championship qualifying round

Three mini-tournaments.

A path: Poland–Estonia and Wales–Finland/Ukraine/Iceland

B path: Israel–Ukraine/Iceland and Bosnia-Herzegovina–Finland/Ukraine

C path: Georgia–Luxembourg and Greece–Kazakhstan

The semi-finals will be played on March 21, and the winners will meet in the play-off final on March 26.

A place in the European Championships is only available by winning two matches.

Finally, Uefa will also raffle the home advantage for each path to the final. In other words, the Football Association must reserve the Olympic Stadium for the deciding match, which may be played at the end of March.

If the snow situation does not allow playing in the traditional stadium, the neighboring Bolt arena with artificial turf is ready to replace it. There, Finland also secured its place in the previous EC competition.