Hugh Grant’s behavior at the Oscars caused an uproar – Now the model who interviewed the actor broke the silence

The interview given by the British actress has raised questions.

British actor Hugh Grant gave plus model Ashley Graham an interview on the Oscars red carpet. Graham acted as host and interviewer on the carpet.

The behavior of the British actor started talking to people on social media immediately after the interview. To the viewers, Grant seemed rude to Graham, who tried to ask Grant about, among other things, whose outfit he was wearing and what it was like to act as Grant Glass Onion in the movie. Grant answered all the questions briefly and finally rolled his eyes at the model as she wished the actress a good night.

Now Graham has commented on the uproar caused by the matter yankee media to TMZ.

– Guess what? My mother always said, “kill them with kindness,” Graham replied shortly.

The saying “Kill Them with Kindness” means, roughly translated, that you should not stoop to the level of people who behave badly.

Hugh Grant answered the model’s questions in a tight voice. PDO

Despite the actor’s behavior, Graham remained confident and friendly during the interview. Graham continued the conversation until he ended the interview after a few questions.

Despite everything, the model interviewed the actor with confidence. PDO

Hugh Grant is remembered, among other things, from movies Notting Hill and Only love.