It would be ‘a great chaos’ at Eindhoven Airport on Thursday evening. Several people are complaining about this on social media. For example, someone would have to wait four hours for the suitcases and other travelers report that they wait an extremely long time to be able to leave the plane after landing.

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    Sven de Laet

    “Chaos at baggage claim”, writes one Ger on Twitter. “We’ve been waiting for more than an hour for suitcases and a few planes still have to be unloaded for us. What a mess.”

    “It was misery,” says Arjan. “After landing, we were on the plane for more than an hour before we were allowed to go outside. And nobody told us in the first place why it took so long.” That explanation came later. “There appeared to be no staff to connect the stairs and escort us to the terminal.”

    “Our flight from Rhodes to Eindhoven was even shorter.”

    However, the long wait really only started when collecting the luggage. “We stood there for an eternity. In the end, our suitcases only arrived after more than three hours. Our flight from Rhodes to Eindhoven was even shorter than the one from the plane to the exit of Eindhoven Airport.”

    Arjan does have some understanding. “You know what’s going on at all airports at the moment, so it’s not that bad at all. But that there is just no communication, no water is handed out… Very annoying.”

    “People are furious.”

    Someone else states that the atmosphere is now becoming grim at the airport. “We have been waiting for the suitcases for four hours. But nobody wants to say anything. People are furious and staff feel threatened.”

    According to a spokesperson for Eindhoven Airport, it may be true that it is very busy. “As a result, people may have to wait longer than usual.”

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