Status: 08/12/2022 11:29 p.m

    Second division soccer club Hamburger SV can make new signings of players in the next few days. This was decided by the supervisory board on Friday evening during a joint consultation with the board members Jonas Boldt and Thomas Wüstefeld. It remained unclear whether Wüstefeld’s financing plan was accepted or rejected by the supervisory board.

    The 120 million offer was not commented on by shareholder Klaus-Michael Kühne, who combined his commitment with demands for significantly more power in the club. It also remained unclear whether there was a motion to vote out CFO Wüstefeld.

    Green light for transfers

    On the other hand, when it came to transfers, HSV made a breakthrough in its meeting on Friday evening: “The board presented us with conclusive figures and plans. Our committee unanimously approved the budget planning,” said Chairman of the Supervisory Board Marcell Jansen on the club’s website and added: “There are Room for transfer possibilities.”

    No decision in the stadium renovation

    Apparently there were no decisions on the controversial issues. It was about the financing concept for the stadium renovation. “We’ve come a step further. It was a good session. Now we’re looking forward to our pros playing against Arminia Bielefeld and we’re keeping our fingers crossed,” said Jansen. HSV is not only under pressure because of the financing of the necessary stadium renovation for the EM 2024, which is what Wüstefeld’s concept is aimed at.

    The traditional club also lives on credit and actually needs a complete renovation. Kühne promises 25 million for the HSV Arena, 20 million for debt reduction and another 20 million euros to strengthen the team, which is currently making its fifth attempt to return to the Bundesliga.

    Can the club say “no” to that? Viewed soberly, it is difficult, but in this case the members have the last word, since Kühne’s demands for more shares in HSV Fußball AG could only be implemented with the consent of the members with a three-quarters majority at an extraordinary meeting.

    The supervisory board must take a position

    The restructuring of the supervisory board with two people named by him and Kühne Holding AG, which the billionaire also requested, rounds off the “immoral offer”. If HSV agrees to this, it sells itself a bit to the moody investor, whose support for his heart club is characterized by many ups and downs.

    With the promise to rename the arena to “Uwe-Seeler-Stadion” and to pay up to 40 million euros for it for ten years, the 85-year-old bold has built an emotional bridge for the members. But before they are allowed to decide at all, the supervisory board has to take a stand.

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