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What motivated you to dedicate yourself to advising and managing Italian citizenship?

Personally I have Italian roots, I am an Italian citizen and I have never lost touch with the Italian identity. In Argentina I worked for 13 years in the Techint organization, a company of Italian origin. In addition, it is a job that gives me a lot of personal satisfaction, because it touches the intimate fiber of the history of each family with which I work. There was always the memory of our roots, honoring our ancestors by obtaining Italian citizenship which, ultimately, is the right of any descendant. I have many family stories accumulated, after having worked for several years on the same thing, such as promises made on the deathbed, vindication of people who thought they could not obtain it because great-grandfather had renounced citizenship, someday, I should write a glossary with anecdotes, are truly emotionally mobilizing. Luckily, we were able to help many people find their ancestors so they could claim their right. When the family obtains Italian citizenship they reconcile with their origins, they feel proud, it is like closing a circle of family history. In addition to looking to the future, we know that it opens the doors of Europe to study, work and progress.

What are the requirements and procedures that must be met to obtain Italian citizenship through administrative or judicial means?

Mainly, finding an Italian ancestor. When I say find, I mean that you must prove that he was born in Italy and that his parents were Italian as well, either with a birth certificate or his baptismal certificate. As there is still no generational limit, we help find the Italian and demonstrate the link with that ancestor, which in Italian is called AVO. How do I prove that link? With the birth, marriage and death certificates until reaching the applicant for Italian citizenship. It is essential, in this process, to demonstrate that the Italian has not become Argentine naturalized before the birth of his/her children. On my website I offer a free guide to download, explaining the steps to follow to obtain your Italian citizenship. I also invite you to visit the website of the Italian Law Firm,, with which we work to make all presentations before Justice in Italy. The work team at the studio is made up of the partner Patrizia Giannini, the lawyer Silvia Giannini and I, between the three of us we accompany each family from the beginning until they obtain their Italian citizenship. On that path we live with the client their emotion when we fulfill that family wish of recovering their Italian identity. The law firm has offices in Milan and Rome and the lawyers are qualified to legally represent clients in any region of Italy. Even Patrizia Giannini is a cassation lawyer, which means that she can represent her clients before the Supreme Court and the Council of State. On the other hand, the firm is part of an international network of lawyers and consultants called GGI, Geneva Group International that allows us to have connections and experiences around the world.

What benefits and opportunities does Italian citizenship offer to descendants of Italians in Argentina and other countries?

Live, work and study in the 27 countries that make up the European Union without the need for visas or work permits. Access study scholarships at Italian universities. If you reside in Italy you have the right to Italian public healthcare, a retirement pension in Italy, widowhood and disability pensions, of course, as long as the requirements that apply to each case are met.

With respect to education, access to the Italian educational system or any EU country. For young people, there is the program called Erasmus, founded by the European Commission, whose objective is to finance international exchange between EU member countries.

The visa process for countries that are not part of the EC is simpler, such as the USA, which requests ESTA from EC citizens. The ESTA visa is filled out online and allows a maximum stay of 90 days.

For those people who consider residing in the USA, investments in the United States, as an Italian citizen, you must declare US$100,000 dollars to be considered an investor, while for other nationalities the USA can request, to meet the same requirement, US$500,000 or even more.

What challenges and difficulties have you faced in your work as a lawyer in the management of Italian citizenships?

Today, the biggest challenge for professionals is the misinformation with which people arrive. There is too much information available on the internet and social networks, which many times, instead of helping, misinforms, distorts and confuses the interested party, instead of helping to convey the correct answer for each specific case. The most common thing is that the information available is of a general nature, but to obtain a nationality, in this case Italian, a precise analysis of the person’s family tree, the records and the documentation they have is required. Another difficulty is dealing with the bureaucracy and procedures that must be done to rectify information in civil registry records and also judicial rectifications or summary information that are carried out in courts, requiring a lot of patience, perseverance, perseverance and, of course. , with the support of serious professionals who know the precise details of each step. My big challenge right now is to give the right advice to each person who contacts me. I always say that obtaining citizenship is the result of a lot of effort and, in a way, going through that process with love and enthusiasm, that is what I convey to each client.

What advice would you give to people who want to become citizens living in Italy?

That they find out very well the requirements that they must meet to enter Italy, stay and, above all, be very attentive to the rental contracts that they sign to establish residence, that they carry savings for unforeseen events and that they contact in advance with the commune they chose so that Tell them in advance what documents and requirements will be requested in that commune.


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