P.For a healthy heart, the first step is to hold under control LDL cholesterol, reducing its levels in the blood as soon as possible and for as long as possible. On the occasion of the World heart daywhich is celebrated on September 29the campaign begins #bassoemeglio with Piero Chiambretti.

    Low is better!

    Not just another slogan, but an indication that it can make a difference for cardiovascular health. Experts say it: LDL cholesterolthe so-called “bad”, is the most important modifiable risk factor correlated with the reduction of cardiovascular events, first of all stroke and heart attack. Here because Novartis launches the campaign with Piero Chiambretti who will be the protagonist of some mini-sketches, also available on Facebook. «I am proud to help raise awareness and spread the message of due attention to heart health:“ Low is better ”! I’ve been saying this for a lifetime! ”Said the host. An initiative that boasts the support of Italian Foundation for the Heart and theItalian Heart Failure Association (AISC).

    Heart: the numbers in Italy

    Cardiovascular diseases still represent the leading cause of death in Italy, with about 240,000 deaths every year, or 27 people every hour. Furthermore, it is estimated that in our country at least 7.5 million people are somehow involved in related problems. Starting withhypercholesterolemiaa metabolic disorder due to an excessive concentration of cholesterol in the blood as well as a chronic and progressive condition that affects at least 23% of Italian women and 21% of Italian men. A fact that goes as far as exceed 35% if we also consider the borderline values ​​of LDL cholesterol.

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    Cholesterol: the correct values

    Talking about total cholesterol, the value is “desirable” when it does not exceed 200 mg / dlthe value of the LDL cholesterol and instead, “Desirable” when it does not exceed 100 mg / dlwhile that of HDL cholesterol it is when it is equal to or greater than 50 mg / dL. The doctor will indicate, based on the patient’s individual risk profile, when to start monitoring cholesterol values. For those with no symptoms or no predisposing risk factors, the right age to start is around 40, repeating the analyzes at least once a year.

    Watch out for heart valves

    «The commitment of the Italian Foundation for the Heart in this edition of the World Heart Day it also includes the creation of a information path on the danger of heart valve diseasesone of the still little known heart diseases, given theabsence of obvious symptoms in the early stages. We believe in awareness-raising initiatives like this, which collects simple but effective measures within a brochure dedicated that will be distributed to the population. And it is always in this context that the Foundation invites i policy makers and institutions to implement a concrete path aimed at prevention, early diagnosis and treatment of heart valve diseases. A commitment that will also be undertaken in the European context », he intervenes Paolo MagniCoordinator of the Scientific Committee of the Italian Heart Foundation and Professor at theUniversity of Milan.

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    Improve the quality of life

    «Life expectancy is grown 10 years over the past 4 decades and much of the credit is due to steps forward made by cardiology. However, this has opened the way to the emergence of many diseases related to degenerative diseases of the heart valves and it is vital not only to continue earning additional years of life but also ensure an improvement in quality of the same », he intervenes Alessandro BoccanelliVice-President of the Italian Society of Geriatric Cardiology (SICGe) e UniCamillus University Rome.